Video Marie for Pocketwizard review

As you have probably read the last few days I’ve been testing the Pocketwizard system for radio E-TTL.
This video was shot during the session from which you have seen the images in yesterdays blog post.
I’ve added a voice over to make some things more clear, don’t see it as an instructional video but in combination with the review. If there are any questions feel free to ask. I will keep using the system and add sessions and small descriptions (and maybe some more videos if you guys like them) in the coming weeks.

Feel free to comment and please share this link….

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  1. Leo Koach
    Leo Koach says:

    Great insight man. Thanks for sharing. I like the flash-bender… I think I will get one of those for myself 🙂

    • Eero
      Eero says:

      Not to take away from the Flashbender as this is a bit different , I found a few years back a DIY project that makes a cool add on modifier to a flashnn this does not post twice

    • Eero
      Eero says:

      Not to take away from the Flash Bender but a few years back I found a DIY flash modifernn

  2. DaveT
    DaveT says:

    Frank, thanks for this video it really helps me to see how you set things up. nnWhat sort of light stands are you using? I like the way you can angle the flash gun with them nnIs the video put together in I-Movie? nnMore of these videos please for the future – they are just great for helping me to see how you set things up.nnDaveT

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Hi,nI used iMovie for this one, most backstage videos are done that way. FCP is my weapon of choice for more elaborate work. If you want more and don’t want to wait (and want better material than this) visit or buy the instructional DVDs from our webstore :DnnThe stands are simple impact boomstands, but Manfrotto also makes them.

  3. Casey
    Casey says:

    What is the brand/model of the boom arm you have the 580 ex II on? The one with the clips? LOVE your work!

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