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Video Marie for Pocketwizard review

As you have probably read the last few days I’ve been testing the Pocketwizard system for radio E-TTL.
This video was shot during the session from which you have seen the images in yesterdays blog post.
I’ve added a voice over to make some things more clear, don’t see it as an instructional video but in combination with the review. If there are any questions feel free to ask. I will keep using the system and add sessions and small descriptions (and maybe some more videos if you guys like them) in the coming weeks.

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Marie Photoshoot with Pocket wizards

The last blogpost was about the technical part of my review of the Pocket wizards.
On Saturday I went out with one of my favorite models Marie to test the Pocket wizards in a real life situation.
The main idea behind this shoot was to leave the meter at home (which is really weird for me) and see how far E-TTL would get me. Well actually I already knew that E-TTL would do just fine for this shoot but leaving the meter at home still feels weird. All shots you see in this blog post were done with E-TTL in Manual mode, all ISO100/200 with shutter times between 1/500 – 1/8000, especially the hypersync from the Pocketwizard units were very handy with some setups…..

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Pocketwizards ?

As you all know I’m a big Elinchrom supporter, but this does not mean of course that I’m never testing (or using) other brands.
Normally I’m using the skyport system to trigger my strobes. The skyport system is a very good system that can not only divide the studio strobes in 4 groups but you can also change the output from the skyports on the RX/Quadra and BXri sets. There are also universal skyports to trigger other brands…. so why would there be a need for a different system one might ask….. well there is.


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