Frank Doorhofs (1971) grandparents had a dark room and Frank liked to watch the roles develop, colour and black and white. His (grand) parents were early adaptors, the first with television but also a film camera and a slide projector to watch the slides they made on family holidays.

When Frank got older, he started as an entrepreneur in personal computers: repairing and selling computers when it was still unusual to have one at home. Internet wasn’t born yet and businesses encouraged their employees to get digital, subsidized by the government. He and his high school sweetheart Annewiek built a great company.

The digital era started also with digital cameras! So Frank was triggered to try the first digital Kodak cameras and one thing lead to another. He used his experience as a guitar teacher to organize a model photography workshop for some photo enthusiasts.

Thanks to the computer company he made his first instructional video on DVD in Dutch and English. He has now more than 11 titles about model photography but also about Street & Travel photography, as a disc or download including a lot of his favourite presets.


His talent for explaining light was noticed by a few companies who invited him in tradeshows like Photokina, The Photography Show, the Dutch Professional Imaging and many more.  Nowadays he teaches workshops worldwide and twice a week in his own studio in Emmeloord (one-hour drive north of Amsterdam). Often, he organizes a workshop in great locations, like castles, museums (trains or planes) and urbex locations.


In 2013 Scott Kelby asked him to join Kelbytraining (now Kelbyone) as the first European instructor. Mr Kelby helped him write the bestseller “Mastering the Model Shoot”. Translated into Chinese, Czech and finally in Dutch (2017). This was a good successor of Franks first Dutch book “De Magie van de Kleine Flitser (the magic of small flash”, unfortunately out of print). Frank made a lot of classes on KelbyONE, among which about motion and movement, location and outside model photography. The computer company was sold due to travelling.


In 2019 Frank wrote “Fotograferen in elke Situatie “. On how to take kick-ass shots in every location, big or small complete with tips and tricks on how to build your (home) studio and photography business. Of course, a big part is about lighting. Franks motto is “Why fake it when you can create it” so why use Photoshop when you shoot it right in camera.

He also recorded a Dutch tutorial for academy about control your photoshoot. His videos are for sale on a lot of platforms, including  narrated on the Chinese HUKE88



A lot of celebrities like to work with Frank and have been in his studio. Because Frank knows how light behaves, he doesn’t need much time

Besides an ambassador for selected brands, Frank has his own Frank Doorhof Flashbender (Expo Imaging, USA) and will introduce the Frank Doorhof backdrops in corporation with Click Props Backdrops (UK). He, Annewiek and son Brian run the Tether Tools distribution for the Netherlands because Frank is also a Tether Tools ambassador. Frank always shoots tethered, even outside so he can check focus and composition and students can watch the results too.

Started with blogging, Frank is a natural vlogger now. His vlog “Behind the closed DOORs” shows behind the scenes of his workshops and the results. He broadcast a live shoot monthly: “Digital Classroom” where you can interact and learn for free, online. His YouTube channel ( is full of reviews (“Quite Frankly”), interviews (The DOORhof is always open) and a lot more.

Frank is also to be found on other social platforms like Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and MeWe. Check out his portfolio on Smugmug (