Click Backdrops,

As a photographer, I love shooting models against great backdrops. This is one of the most exciting things of course, about shooting on location.

When I started with model photography I mainly used seamless (paper) and although having different colors will give you a lot of options in the end it’s still a plain color. Also with paper, you have to replace the rolls pretty regularly due to footprints, tears, etc. And it can take some extra effort in postprocessing to clean up the background.

This is why very soon I asked two painters to paint all the walls in our studio with an urbex kind of look, so very rough, structured, and of course interesting color combinations. And this was the best thing I ever did, the walls became part of the story, and because there’s a lot of variation in the walls I could always choose a different spot, light it differently, etc. The moment we got the new studio I immediately did the same thing with all the walls.

During a workshop in South Africa, we met up with Charlie from Click Backdrops and I used one of their backgrounds for the workshop. I was pretty impressed. Most backgrounds I used were reflecting my strobes in some places. The backgrounds that did work like a charm were too small for what I wanted to do. But the Click Bacdrkops are perfect. We started working with them by designing a signature background series in which I shot several of our studio walls so you might not have me in your studio, but you can have a piece of my studio in yours.

Click Backdrops

model Claudia in front of the Parchment Petal, ProFabric

During the COVID pandemic, we decided it was time to work more closely together, Mostly because I’m a 100% fan of their products and love to get them into the hands of my fellow Dutch photographers. So we are proud to say we are the official Dutch distributor for Click Backdrops.

To support our customers in Dutch we have opened a group on Facebook to post images, get support, and of course, be inspired by the work of others. You can find the group here.

We added all Click Backdrops to our webshop 

But you can also choose anything you like from the official UK website, just mail us the article number and size/material and we will make sure you get it delivered.

Below you will find all the sizes and Dutch prices in Euros including 21% VAT


152×152 small € 115
152×244 medium € 190
213×290 large € 320
300×244 X large € 495
457×274 Panoramic € 750
152×300 small double € 250
213×396 large double € 510
244×396 super double € 575
274×457 mega double € 750


182×304 medium € 320
272×272 large € 500
272×457 large double € 750
272×604 X large € 875


270×213 standaard € 320

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