This is the page were you guys can earn money……. well a little bit.
As you know we work together with some great companies who make our work (and your work) a lot easier.
On this page we do something back for you, I asked several companies for some nice discounts for the followers of this blog and our students/clients, so keep checking this page for some great discounts. Some discounts will be there for a long time, and some will be only limited, so make sure you check this page on a regular basis.


NEW! Software that makes your B/W images in colour. Get creative and check out what this amazing ai software can make of your black and white images.

Use this code for 30% discount FDCSAI30 on ColorSurprise Ai.
Limited time offer USD39,99 but with the discount only USD27,99! 
including lifetime upgrades. Use this link for a free trial:


I only promote software I also use myself, by using the links/coupons you are supporting the work we do, so feel free to share the coupons.

Our course "Any Light Will Do" on Udemy, has been rated on Coursemarks. It's in the top 30% of 94,680 courses!


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