IQwire Tether Cables

Tethering is one of the most important workflow enhancements for photographers. It will not only make your workflow faster but also make it possible to for example “project” your images over the layout of the magazine/flyer/etc. you are shooting for. But it also makes it possible for the client to see the results right away on a separate display. So you as the photographer can continue working. Plus depending on the software you choose it’s also possible to connect presets to the incoming images so you can show the “end result” straight out of the camera. And don’t forget real-time backup.

With modern cameras, the demand for tethering solutions has also become more demanding.
That’s why we decided to bring IQ-Wire to the Dutch market.

IQwire Tether Cables, the next generation of tethering

IQwire is the “next generation” in tethering. And not only speeds up the transfer of images and connection but is also super stable when transferring huge amounts of data. Where other solutions often show small hiccups or even miss images, IQwire will keep up the pace as long as your computer and camera are fast enough.

We’ve done several tests with a Sony A7RIV on the highest frame rate (and RAW of course) and the IQwire didn’t miss a beat. This is very impressive considering the amount of data going through the cables.

And that’s not all…..

IQwire has the following advantages:

  • available in 5, 10 and 15 meters without extensions (or 16, 33, or 50 feet)
  • USBC to USBC (also available for USB3 in 5 and 10 meters)
  • Convertors available for Mini/Micro USB and USB-A
  • 3 in-line boosters on the 15 meters, 2 on the 10 meters, and 1 in-line booster on the 5 meter
  • straight on the computer side  and angled connectors on the camera side
  • clearly labeled connectors
  • industrial design for extra-long life
  • flexible cable design
  • IQ connect connectors for super-fast connections
  • Velcro strap delivered to neatly bind the cables after use

IQwire Cxrbon Blxck Tethering Cables

Recently the Carbon Black tethering cables were released. only in USBC to USBC, and only black.

Advantages are:

  • now also 15 meters (33feet)
  • smaller connectors, cable is not sticking out
  • smaller boosters
  • waterproof
  • Comes in a box, with no plastic wrapping
  • Suitable for the new Cable Defensive System
  • Non-reflective

Some tethering tips

Always check if your camera is compatible with tethering and which software to use.
If you are not sure, please contact us. We have over 15 years of experience with tethering and tethering solutions/problems and we are always there to help. We always try to answer our emails within 24 hours (even on weekends and holiday periods). Because we know that tethering is your work and you cannot afford to wait.

As a photographer who demonstrates at major trade shows and teaches a lot of workshops, I know firsthand that trusting the gear/software you use is vital for a proper working environment. And I can with full confidence say that IQwire will not interfere with your flow. Connections are super fast and stable. Even when charging the camera while tethering (tested on MacBook Pro M1, iPad Pro 12.9″)

IQwire is the next generation in tethering and will give you finally the freedom you always wanted with 5, 10 or even 15-meter cables and the trust of intelligent and super fast connections.

IQwire can be ordered directly from our webstore
and the following dealers in the Netherlands and Belgium

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IQwire tether cable

IQwire Tether Cable, up to 50 feet!