If there is one thing that Frank loves even more than photography itself, it’s teaching about photography.
These are no ordinary workshops were a standard light setup is explained and the students can start shooting themselves in a paparazzi style. In Frank’s workshops there is a lot of attention for really understanding what’s going on, or in other words learn :





“how to meter, manipulate and let the light do what you want”
“why fake it, when you can create it”

This approach has send Frank Doorhof all over the world to teach workshops and secured his place at KelbyOne as the first European Kelby instructor. He also writes several masterclasses for photography magazines. Frank is also very active online and answers all the questions on his forum, mail and blog himself.



For information about the workshops, dates etc. visit www.photography-workshops.eu
Here you can find all the information about the workshops, dates and workshops abroad.


In 2012 Frank started the program “A year with Frank Doorhof” in which he will take a full year to help photographers with their work, the program includes many different areas of the photography field including special seminars about social media, brand building, an intern program and much more. Visit the Photography workshops website for more information. Frank also started his “Portfolio review” program at the same time.


All workshops in the Netherlands are taught in Dutch, except the 1:1’s which can be taught in both Dutch or English.
See the instructional videos on www.kelbyone.com
Or via our own store at https://frankdoorhof.com/web/shop-videos-etc/direct-video-downloads/