Happy Birthday Annewiek

Time flies when you're having fun is a well known saying. And…

The rogue snoot in action

The rogue magnetic system is absolutely awesome and together…

Aisha a new model

Some results from the testshoot with Aisha. She will be joining…

Using blinds

One of the things I love to do during workshops is using blinds.…

Results Klazienaveen seminar

Yesterday I was the guest speaker for the photoclub in Klazienaveen.…


Getting your work "out there" is one of the hardest things to do right. When you're working with music/audio as a hobby or as a pro I would highly recommend reading this review about DistroKid.


2022 has been replaced by 2023. It has been a year that…

A cool background and light shaper

Never thought the new #rogue umbrellas would make such an impact…

Nadine and the Rogue snoot

In todays blogpost some Rock and Roll lighting with Nadine and our Rogue snoot.

Umbrellas are awesome…. are they ?

In todays blogpost a new tips video on using umbrellas...... yes they are actually awesome 😀

Building a complete set with lensflares and flags.

In todays blogpost an awesome but complex lighting setup that has it all.

How to shoot tethered to the iPad Pro and the workshop smoke

in todays video I show you how I shoot tethered to the iPad Pro, plus we take you behind the scenes during the workshop smoke with our model Linda.

How to get awesome expresions… its not that hard actually

expressions can be really tricky, in todays video a tip that can really help to get some stellar results.

Results from the glamour workshop with Claudia

Today it's time for some results from the Glamour workshop with…

A quick tip about stacking filters

Today a quick tip video about stacking filters.

The Rogue snoot in action

In todays blog tips on how to work with snoots and fill in flash for awesome color effects.

A new snoot that will blow you away…

You might think "why so enthusiastic Frank?" Let me explain. I…

Being creative with led tubes

In today's blogpost it's all about the new Nanlite pavotubes, including a full video with the system in action.

Black Friday…. loads of cool deals.

in todays blogpost some awesome Black Friday deals.

A new Frank Doorhof allround filter pack

Today we introduce the Frank Doorhof K&F concept filter pack for all round photography.