Great results from the Digital Classroom with Claudia

In fact (believe it or not) I don't prepare the livestreams. Of course we know the theme, select some backgrounds but from there on it's all just made up on the spot, which makes the livestreams (and workshops/demos) not only a lot of fun for me but also for the viewers, they always get something unique and it makes it possible for me to respond to questions.

A cool behind the scenes during a fashion shoot including all the info free tutorial

During our Digital Classroom episodes I show several lighting setups, explain what's going on and also show the images coming in the moment I shoot them. Digital Classroom is jam-packed with information for all levels photographers with an interest for people/models.

An awesome test shoot with some strong colors

We are always looking for new models for our workshops and events. Today the results from the test shoot with Monika. Fun detail, she lives at almost walking distance from our studio, what a coincidence.

Working with a model during her first shoot and how to make it a success

Today in the blog the full episode of Digital Classroom with a much requested topic. "how to work with models during their first shoot and how to make it a success" See the full session and get all the tips about lighting, posing and how to coach your model.

A new model in our studio for a very special session and she rocked it

Jannaika is Miss Photogenic 2024 and Sanne was convinced she would be a perfect model for me. And you never guessed it... we needed a model for the Digital Classroom. So the images you see here were shot during a live stream, and we literally met 5 minutes before we went live. It doesn't happen a lot but I was impressed.

A very cool lighting technique with just one strobe and softbox

In the short digital classroom videos I explain the lighting of one of my photos I took during the workshops. You see the results, the behind the scenes video and an in depth explanation about the technique.

Sometimes 15 minutes is enough for a commercial photo shoot

When the client arrived we started with planning the whole shoot, and to our horror we found out they had to be back in Amsterdam in..... 2 hours.

What happens when you change it to Black and White?

The choice between black and white or color can be tricky. For me personally I sometimes shoot something with the intend to make it black and white, but then when I see the results I often keep it in color, because I just love the way it looks.

A horror clown in our studio (in color)

In todays blog post the results from one set with our model Felisa. And although you don't recognise her, the choice of model is vital for these kind of shots. One might say, she is just wearing a clowns suite and props, so what's difficult?
mixing light sources

Mixing light sources in the studio flash vs continuous lighting

In todays video I talk about how I included the studio lights in a photo with Nadine during one of the workshops. I also explain the main lighting setup and show the results from that set.

The new Rogue Magnetic Flash adapter

The new Rogue Flash adapter v2  Rogue has improved the flash…

Why the blog or website is more important at the moment

I've been adding loads of new articles about lighting, photography in general, results from Digital Classrooms and a lot more in the last few months, so I'm sure you will find something you like. And I will continue to add articles to the blog, so make sure you add it to your bookmarks,  or......

Kings Day 2024 a street photography style overview

For street photography Kings day is one of the best days to experiment. But also when you are starting out and maybe a bit nervous to take pictures of people on the street, this is the perfect day. As you can see in the pictures everyone is in a real festive mood, and there are loads of activities.
Kings Day 2024 discounts

50% Discount on all videos and presets for kings day 2024 (and a lot more discounts)

Today it's kings day in the Netherlands, a day filled with activities and festivities. So we thought it would be the perfect day to also give some gifts to you.

How to photograph awesome guitars in the studio, and an alien ukulele

In this episode I take some pictures of 2 of my favourite guitars and an alien ukulele  I show the lighting setups, how to use smoke, how things go wrong and a lot more.

What if you lose all your data…. better prevent it now

In the video I talk about automatically downloading your photos, but also the more complicated setups, and also which drives are best for usage in a NAS.

Using two or three umbrellas for a perfect white background a video tutorial

Over the years I've tried different ways to shoot this setup. At one point I was using two strobes on the background, two strip lights as accents and one main light. The problem always was the floor. The accent lights would give double shadows, this by the way was solved by angling the strip lights slightly up and using grids, but that didn't solve my other problem, the floor itself.

Outside fashion shot for sunglasses with extreme styling and flash Part V : let’s talk about something grungy

For the final setup we are still using the same lighting setup with the same Geekoto GT200 with a large reflector. This is what we sometimes call our "outside studio" or in other words a part of our studio (away from the public eye) where we just leave everything (within reason), so it looks very "grungy"/"urbex" this part is based around an old trailer with some bushes and is great as a location, especially when shooting from a low angle the fence in the background and the angle it creates can be very nice.

Outside fashion shot for sunglasses with extreme styling and flash Part IV : let’s talk backgrounds and angles

Chasing the perfect background on location is one of my favourite things. And it's not always that the most interesting looking background is also the best. It's great to have a cool background but we don't always want them to compete with each other. I always try to choose a background that will help my model to pop-out, or disappear into.

You can now rent our photo studio for your shoots, meetings or workshops

A super creative space People have been asking for years if…