ClickLive trade show workshops results Day 1 with Jess

Results from day 1

In the previous blog we showed you the behind the scene video we shot during the ClickLive event.
Day 1 was a busy day for us.
At 8:00AM it was time for a 3 hour workshop with a very tired group of attendees, but they didn’t fall asleep luckily.
The model for the workshop was actually an impromptu model….. Jess.
Jess is actually a very well known photographer herself and was actually not prepared for the shoot, and pretty nervous.

She actually told me that it was almost impossible to get a good shot of her, so I made her a bet.
If you are not happy with the results I’m going to stop teaching 😀

Luckily for me she liked them.
I hope you do too.

Shot with the Geekoto GT200/250 and the Rogue Magnetic system en Frank Doorhof Flashbender XL3




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