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Behind the scenes during the PhotoDays 2023 with all the setups and results and my own music

In todays episode of Behind the Closed DOORs we take you with us during the PhotoDays 2023 in Brussels Belgium,
During the trade show we ran our own booth with Geekoto, Rogue, IQwire, ClickBackDrops and of course our workshops.

I ran demos almost back to back so you get to see a lot of the “action” and because Nadine and Felisa were there to help me with the shoots the results are pretty cool I think 😀

And a fun fact…
ALL the music you hear in the video was written, played and recorded by me.
Hope you enjoy the video, the results and the music.

Another fun fact.
The whole video was shot with the iPhone 15 pro Max and iPhone 15.
Pretty good for smartphones I think.


As you all know besides being a photographer I have a passion for guitars… and comics.
Now for people that are not familiar with strips, let me explain very quickly.

Strips are not comics, but also … well they are.
The format is different and comes close to trade paperbacks, but the “feeling” is different.
Most strips I grew up with were Donald Duck, De Generaal, OB Bommel, Kuifje, Suske en Wiske, Garfield, Lucky Luke etc. etc. there are a lot. Most strips are app 49-50 pages and are in a semi hard cover (flexibel, not like a comic, more like a trade paperback).

Now my personal favourites from my youth were Storm and Trigie, Both were awesome for their artwork but also for the insanely well written stories.

For the real difference between strips and comics is very hard to explain, expect for the size. Although most people think when they hear comics about Batman, Superman etc. my personal favourites are actually EC comics, which comes very close to strips because they contain several short stories and are not just aimed at super heroes. And comics can also be filled with Donald Duck, Garfield etc. And let’s be honest in the end it doesn’t really matter right?

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s show some images I shot during my visit at the stripdagen.
Normally I would probably not visit shows like this (books are way too expensive) but in this case I was there for our friends from Reboot Comics and Felisa (our model) to help with some interviews.

And let’s start with this.
Part of the interviews was shot in an empty room and I was sitting on the side, taking care of video and audio and I just couldn’t help but notice this amazing light. So after the interview I asked him to stay there to take a photo. His first response was “why….?” till he saw the shot…. sometimes you just have to be ready 😀

This is Willem Vleeschouwer.

And yes when you squeeze your eyes together he does resemble our friend Joe McNally just a bit.


Ok, let’s keep the blogpost a bit shorter and lets just share the images I shot during my time off during the day.
These were just shot for fun, so be gentle 😀

Click on one of the images to open up the gallery.

Professional imaging 2014

Professional imaging for me is the THE event of the year in the Netherlands, it’s a huge trade show with everything a modern photographer/designer or videographer could wish for. I’ve been demoing at the PI for a long time at the Elinchrom booth so I’ve seen the show progress over the years, and I’ve always had a weak spot for the show so when I was asked last year by the organization to help out with some of the speakers I jumped to the opportunity because I do know some good speakers 🙂


So this year was the first time I was in charge of the main speakers, I asked 2 buddies of mine that I know would blow away the crowd with their talents, Joe McNally and Glyn Dewis both excellent at their part of the spectrum. Adobe arranged Jimmy Nelson (who blew me away with both the images and a good presentation) and Clive Booth, added were of course a lot more speakers and I wish I had some more time to visit them all but that’s impossible.


This year was also the first time we had our own booth at the trade show.

Professional Imaging 2014  (105 of 117)

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