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First date skandinavian workshop tour

First date in the skandinavian workshop tour is final April 6th we will be in landskrona Slightly above Malmo. Ticket price is 199.00 euro. Early bird 150.00 euro. Mail to info@frankdoorhof.com to book your seat before the normal pricing kicks in. We always work in small groups for a real intense 1:1 experience. During the […]

Microsoft surfacebook 2 review Part I

Ok before we start.This is a long intro and review Part I, don’t expect the other parts to be this long, but I like to do reviews slightly different from others. First off.The Laptop I have here is NOT mine.Microsoft send it to me for review, I’ve been playing with the idea for some time […]

Need your help.

Ok guys. Normally I share tips with you but ….now it’s your turn. I’m writing a new book (in dutch) about working in literally any location and getting awesome results. One of the chapters will be ….YOU. What is the one awesome, amazing, magical tip that you figured out. This can be about working in […]