My blog, although I don’t see myself as a blogger but as a Photographer I will try to blog some interesting material during the weeks.
Expect at least 2 updates a week.

Happy Birthday Annewiek

Time flies when you’re having fun is a well known saying. And its indeed true. Another year just flew by.

Ofcourse you probably all know Annewiek as my wife, but did you know she does almost everything for our products, always tries to help customers the same day, assists with photoshoots and livestreams and is absolutely vital during tradeshows and events to make sure everything goes smoothly and I can focus 100% on teaching.

But did you know she also runs most of the Dutch websites, writes the digital classroom topics and is constantly pushing herself to learn more about social media to connect with our customers and followers.

But however she’s vital for our business Annewiek is above all my soulmate and I’m grateful for every single day we are together.

So Annewiek congratulations on your 25th birthday 😉 and many many more years to come.

The rogue snoot in action

The rogue magnetic system is absolutely awesome and together with the flashbender it gives you a total solution that fits in almost every bag

The most recent addition is the snoot. A super flexible snoot that in speedlights can be used in 8 different ways.

Today some images I shot with the snoot and as a fill in light I’m using the dome with a blue gel.

Model : Claudia

You can order all rogue products via and

Aisha a new model

Some results from the testshoot with Aisha.
She will be joining us as workshop model soon 😉

Testshoots are short 1-2 hour sessions in which we try different things that will give me a good idea about what would happen during a workshop.

When I’m looking for workshop models I actually prefer non experienced model. Not that a pro model can’t give you great results. But during workshops I strongly feel it’s an added layer of learning when you work with a starting model. Seeing most people have problems directing the model. (including me ;))

Ofcourse using our clickpropsbackdrops 😉

Using blinds

One of the things I love to do during workshops is using blinds. It’s a great tool to explain the way shadows work in combination with the distance of the light. And you use it from different angles ofcourse. It’s a great story telling took.

Today some results from the workshop with our model Felisa