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How to turn on lights in photoshop

In today’s tip
How to turn on lights in Photoshop on the iPad pro (and desktop)

5 day deal

YES it’s that time again.

Photography steps to success: Step one – get this bundle! it’s as always jam-packed with educational material.

You’ll love it.

Everytime the 5 day deal is released it’s a surprise how much value they offer for such a low price. So if you want enough material to keep you busy for months (years) make sure to get the deal. It’s really awesome.

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Light of the old masters video

In today’s blog post the video we shot during the workshop “light of the classical masters”

During these videos we show you behind the scenes video, I explain the sets and we show you the results.

If you want way more in depth tutorials make sure to check out

About docks and dongles

I think everyone will have noticed that we can do more and more with our devices but also that the amount of ports has gone down rapidly with some laptops only giving you 1-2 usbc/TB connectors.

So you need more?

Well you’re not the only one luckily. First option is ofcourse a dongle and they are great for in the field, but for the desktop there are much better solutions.

In this episode of digital classroom I talk about this topic, and share my opinions and experiences.