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Get your white balance correct easy and fast

When working with photos or videos the correct white balance is essential to get natural looking images/video.
But it’s also important when you use presets to tint your images, if your base is not correct every time your presets will look different every time.

When shooting raw you can correct a lot yourself, but with video it’s often not that easy because you’re shooting on a compressed format. Today in the video a quick tip on how to get proper white balance on you video camera, or photo camera in a few seconds with the brand new ExpoDisc V3.


Behind the scenes during the workshop in Oss with Geekoto small flash

In todays episode of the vlog we take you behind the scenes during our workshop in Oss.
This is the second and final part of the vlog about the workshop weekend that started in Pelt Belgium.

During the workshops the theme was “working with small strobes to create great images”, so we used our Geekoto strobes and accessories from Rogue and Nanlite to show you don’t need to break the bank, and can carry a complete studio in your bag to get great images.

With the Geekoto’s I’m able to bring my camera, lightmeter, 3 strobes with grips, 2 Rogue magnetic systems, Flashbender and Rogue Umbrella, iPad etc all in one backpack or rolling case. That’s very nice if you love working on location but don’t want to shoot different images than in the studio. And with 200-250 and 400W versions supporting ETTL and HSS you will be able to work under almost every situation. If it’s too dark, or if you want to work in the studio, there also is the option of using the build in modelling light.

For us the Geekoto is the perfect hybrid between a speedlight and studio strobe.


In case you missed it…
Here is part I

Behind the scenes during the workshops

Today part I of a 2 part vlog about the workshops in Pelt (Belgium) and Oss.

In this part we take you with us behind the scenes during the workshops in Pelt (Belgium) with model Floore.

During the workshop tour I’m also introducing our Geekoto flash system. A perfect replacement for speedlights and in most cases studio strobes. Of course I’m also using our Rogue system.


Colorspaces explained

Today I’m sharing a video where I answer some of the questions about colourspaces and calibrations that are often asked during workshops and can really confuse people. I hope this video makes it a bit more clear.