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ClickLive event 2024 Results from Day 3 with our amazing model Tion

Results Day 3 with Tion

In the previous blog we showed you the behind the scene video we shot during the ClickLive event.
Today in the blog some of the results from Tion

Shot with the Geekoto GT400 and the new Geekoto Lantern and striplight.
On the blue tinted images I’m using a GT200 with the Rogue magnetic system and a blue gel.

This was the third day and the backgrounds were not mounted 100% anymore, but I still love the results from these sessions.
Also many thanks to Tion who did his best with loads of different outfits and never too tired to pose for me or the attendees. This day was a bit more quiet on the show so I had some more time to shoot, so sorry for the many images 😀

For the first series I’m using the new Geekoto Lantern and striplight on the Geekoto GT400

It’s always a challenge to shoot images during a trade show, but with a set like this and a great model it becomes a lot more easy.
Do you want to build a set similar to this?
Check out our professional quality backdrops at www.clickbackdrops.nl

Here I placed the striplight close to the wall for some nice side lighting.
I always love this setup and with Tion it worked extremely well.

Finally I added a Geekoto GT200 with the Rogue magnetic system and a blue gel in the back, and use the Geekoto striplight as mainlight for some final more moody shots.



ClickLive trade show workshops results Day 1 with Jess

Results from day 1

In the previous blog we showed you the behind the scene video we shot during the ClickLive event.
Day 1 was a busy day for us.
At 8:00AM it was time for a 3 hour workshop with a very tired group of attendees, but they didn’t fall asleep luckily.
The model for the workshop was actually an impromptu model….. Jess.
Jess is actually a very well known photographer herself and was actually not prepared for the shoot, and pretty nervous.

She actually told me that it was almost impossible to get a good shot of her, so I made her a bet.
If you are not happy with the results I’m going to stop teaching 😀

Luckily for me she liked them.
I hope you do too.

Shot with the Geekoto GT200/250 and the Rogue Magnetic system en Frank Doorhof Flashbender XL3




The first ever ClickLive event in the UK travel vlog

Tradeshows are always special

And that’s why we love doing these travel vlogs. First it’s a nice diary for us, but it’s also a nice insight into what we do during these trips.

In this video we take you with us during the first ever ClickLive event in the UK.
During the trade show we had our own booth for IQwire, Rogue, ClickBackdrops, IQwire and of course Geekoto.
Next to our booth we sponsored a special portfolio booth with an awesome set totally fitting my personal taste, as soon as you see it you will understand.

During the video we also introduce one of our brand new products, an incredibly handy light stand that solves a problem we almost accepted.

You guys also often ask how it is traveling with a large RV, so I included a segment about what we experience during a trip along very narrow UK roads, and I mean VERY narrow.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.


Great results from the Digital Classroom with Claudia

Digital Classroom is always fun to do

But it’s also always a challenge.
In fact (believe it or not) I don’t prepare the livestreams. Of course we know the theme, select some backgrounds but from there on it’s all just made up on the spot, which makes the livestreams (and workshops/demos) not only a lot of fun for me but also for the viewers, they always get something unique and it makes it possible for me to respond to questions.

Today the results from the latest digital classroom episode.
I actually make a complete blogpost with the video here.


The results

During this episode we did two different setups.
The theme was mostly about what different modifiers can add to a scene.
I’m using two different Geekoto softboxes to show you what the depth of the softbox does (it might surprise you), but I also used the flashbenders and magnetic system, including a cool shoot with the magnetic snoot (love that one).

So without further words… the results.

Model : Claudia.

And a nice behind the scenes setup just for fun 😀