Santa Cruz here we come….

Teaching workshops on location is one of the most challenging and exciting things, not only for me but also for the attendees of these workshops.
On July 15th I’ll be visiting Santa Cruz for a one day workshop in cooperation with our friends of Expoimaging with the theme “The magic of the small flash”.

In this workshop I’ll teach the group a lot of techniques for the use of speed lights in many different situations ranging from inside to outside, fill in flash and fighting the sun (day to night).

This is a small group workshop and at the moment we only have 3 seats left, so head on over to Watsonville Santa Cruz workshop July 15th 2016 on the site to book your seat and find more information.

Tip : The most simple location can be awesome

Often I hear photographers complain about the lack of great locations…
I always tell them “the best locations are in your head, and often right in front of you”.
Somehow it sometimes seems that if there isn’t a great location the creativity is gone, or is it just that……

In my opinion every location is great to photograph, but I often do look for certain extras like contrast, grunge (rough) and color, OR the lack of it. The more rough the better in all honesty, on the other hand something really static and modern can also be awesome, as you can see there is always something if you WANT to see it.

As I joke I sometimes say “put on your photographers eyes and hunt, don’t look for opportunities but try to find uses for what you see” this is a different mindset but often helps a lot.

Now if you add a little bit of styling to it (or a lot like in this case) you’re on the way to a great shot.
These shots were done during a workshop in Manchester with Nadine, a very simple light setup with one Elinchrom beauty dish with grid straight at Nadine. The wall didn’t look like much but I loved it, and seeing the responses from the attendees as soon as the images came in… they did too.

Nadine June 8th 2016 Manchester  0285

Nadine June 8th 2016 Manchester  0289

Workshop USA Watsonville Santa Cruz July 15th

Mastering the model shoot on tour
July 15th 2016

Watsonville / Santa Cruz


(early bird)

The magic of the speed light

On July 15th I’ll teach a one day class in Watsonville (Santa Cruz) in our Mastering the model shoot on tour workshops.
What can you expect during these workshops :


We start all workshops with an Q&A in which the group can ask any question they want, some questions will be answered right away, and some will be incorporated into the workshop after the Q&A. This means that the workshop is in fact 100% tailor made for the group and everyone gets exactly what they want from it, this is an unique concept that works very well for all levels of photographers.


Topics in the workshop always include the following :
Speeding up the workflow by using a light meter, advanced light meter techniques for outside use, mixing light sources, calibrated workflow, shooting tethered into Capture One (tips and tricks), coaching the model, finding the right angles and poses, maximizing the scene, story telling, styling, using props, expression, adding motion, working with clients, retouching and much much more.


One of the topics that is incredibly important for a successful photoshoot but actually hardly ever taught is the maximum use of your location. In this segment we will not only discuss varies techniques for working on location but I’ll also show several setups in different locations using just the available space, proofing that with very easy to understand techniques you can literally create something spectacular in every single location.


This workshop is brought to you in cooperation with ExpoImaging so you are literally in the best place for all your questions about their amazing products and you can try them out on your own speed lights during the part where the students shoot.


During the workshop you will also get several retouching tips to speed up your workflow and most of all create an unique look.


I always teach in a small group, meaning there is a lot of room for questions and shooting yourself, although this is NOT a shooting zoo workshop, I always try to aim to maximize the learning experience, you will shoot images of course but don’t expect to shoot thousands of images, but do expect to go home inspired and a lot wiser on how to master your model shoot.


Topics will be :
Understanding/Manipulating/metering light
Using the light meter in incident and reflective mode
Mixing light sources
Coaching the model and working to a great shoot
Adding motion for that WOW effect
Advanced techniques for location shoots
Maximizing the location
The right gear
The complete workflow for model photography
Color managed workflows
Using Capture one during and after the shoot
Retouching and selecting images
And MUCH MUCH more…….

Retouching topics will be :
Skin retouching without spending hours behind the computer
Adding an unique look within seconds without plugins
Tinting your images 
Body shaping within Photoshop
Using BW convertors for stunning color enhancements
Adding skin detail back if necessary (this can save your shot)
Manipulating light
Adding atmospherical lighting to a shot
Enhancing the look of the scene
And MUCH MUCH more…..

Watsonville (Santa Cruz USA) here we come for an intense workshop

On July 15th we will be in Watsonville, Santa Cruz USA for an intense small group workshop with our friends from Rogue.

This will be a jam-packed day with loads of information on using small flash on location, both inside and outside.
Due to the small group there is a lot of time for questions and interaction, and of course you also get to shoot yourself. Although the gear used that day will be speed lights, the techniques are of course also valid for ANY other kind of light. If you want to learn more about model photography and working with the models, workflow, maximizing locations etc….. this is THE workshop for you.


For more information check : Watsonville Santa Cruz workshop July 15th 2016