Ingrid during glamour workshop

Today some images we shot from Ingrid during her first glamour workshop.
Ingrid is a new model for our workshop and will be appearing in both our fashion as glamour workshops, in short… she’s a blast to work with.


Some images might be considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work) but I think they are ok 😀


Ingrid October 30 2015    0153

Ingrid October 30 2015    0157

Ingrid October 30 2015    0183

Ingrid October 30 2015    0218

Ingrid October 30 2015 0036

Ingrid October 30 2015 0598

Ingrid October 30 2015 0608


When things go funky just before Halloween

We love Halloween, don’t ask me why but we just love it, it might also be because we both love horror movies 😀
The day before Halloween I taught a workshop with Ingrid (Glamour) and at the end of the workshop we had this idea of playing a bit with the theme Halloween, (and test how expressive Ingrid could be)… I was blown away 😀


Today the images we shot at the end of the Glamour workshop.
In doubt between BW and color, so let’s show both 😀

Ingrid October 30 2015 0422

Ingrid October 30 2015 0422 BW

Ingrid October 30 2015 0402

Ingrid October 30 2015 0402 BW

Ingrid October 30 2015 0385 BW

Ingrid October 30 2015 0259

Ingrid October 30 2015 0259 BW



Digital classroom live Q&A 2

Next to the 2 hour monthly broadcasts from “Digital classroom” we also broadcast several smaller episodes at random dates, often containing tips, Q&A etc. See it as a boosted version of Periscope 😀


In this episode tips on :
Finding and working with models
The X-rite ColorChecker passport
The iPad pro and the always going war between xxxx vs Apple
And a solution to shoot tethered wireless with the A7RII
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Digital classroom is made possible by BenQ and Rogue/Expoimaging.

Digital classroom episode

Every month we broadcast live from our studio for a 2 hour photoshoot/instructional session.
For years I’ve been thinking about the perfect mix between a real workshop (with loads of personal attention) and a video (you get … well what you get), and Digital Classroom is that “thing” for me.
During the broadcast people can interact with the session, ask questions etc.
It’s of course no where NEAR a real workshop, where there is much more personal attention and the topics are more advanced of course, but it’s I think a very interesting concept that perfectly fills the gap between our instructional videos and being at a real workshop.

Today the link to the new Digital classroom broadcast, this time with our model Lenaa.
Topic for this one was working with cheap modifiers, or in other words the modifiers that everyone probably has from when they bought their flash set.


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Digital Classroom is not cheap to make and involves actually a lot of hard work and investments, but thanks to BenQ and Rogue/Expo imaging this dream of mine was made possible.