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Results from the PhotoDays 2023 demo images

In todays blogpost some of the images I shot during the Photodays 2023 on our booth.
Remember that these images were shot in a very short period and where I have more attention for the explanation and the audience than thinking about the perfect shot.

But Nadine and Felisa were so awesome I just had to share the results, hope you enjoy them too.
And I could not resist to also bring a prop 😀

Strobes : Geekoto
Backgrounds : Clickbackdrops
Modifiers : Rogue magnetic system and Flashbender
Tethering : IQwire 10 mtr to iPad Pro running Cascable
Of course edited on BenQ monitors 😀

First images with the Sony A7RV and it’s a huge upgrade

During the Photodays 2023 I got the chance to shoot with the new Sony A7RV.
I’m still using the Sony A7RIV which is a great camera, but to be honest I was shocked with the upgrade.
Because I was shooting demos 3 days almost back to back and I used the A7RV only during the last day it really caught my eye how much more “depth” there seems to be in the images.

I’m not saying the A7RIV images are flat, but the A7RV does seem to be a little but more 3D, probably due to a different way of sensor processing, it’s subtle but clear when you know your camera. Now that wouldn’t be worth an upgrade, but the much faster and MUCH better (accuracy) autofocus is without any doubt. Much better with eye detection and now also with a load of AI options for trains, planes, animals and even chosing the correct eye. YES SONY, now I can use the eye focus (probably, still testing this). Also the display is a huge upgrade, tethering speed is faster and the display is now finally fully adjustable (I really missed that).

I’ll be using the A7RV a lot more so if you have any questions let me know.
I can confirm that tethering to the iPad Pro with Cascable works.

Today in the blog some of the results from the last day at PhotoDays 2023 Brussels.
Models : Nadine and Felisa.
Do remember that these kind of images are shot during a trade show on our booth during demos, so short time periods where I have to pay more attention to explaining what I do and the crowd than taking the photo, so there are often far from perfect, but I just love the styling Nadine did, so I had to share them.

Strobes : Geekoto GT400/GT250/GT200
Modifiers : Geekoto small softbox, Rogue magnetic system and Flashbender
Backgrounds : ClickBackdrops
Tethering : IQ Wire 10mtr to iPad Pro running Cascable


Some fun images with Nadine and crazy styling

Today just some images I shot during a workshop with Gabe and Nadine.
With sets like this it’s always fun to experiment with different angles and expressions.
So walk around your model and sit down, or stand on a ladder, make it fun and creative.
And don’t be afraid to use your wide angle for some nice leading lines.

Oh… and even during lunch keep shooting 😀

Gold it almost hurt your eyes so much Gold

A background really makes the shot for me.
I recently had a whole discusion with someone about how AI would replace backgrounds and no-one would ever shoot against backdrops anymore. I don’t think I have to tell you guys I did not agree 😀

One of the reasons we sell our ClickPropsBackdrops is not just for the print on a backdrop, but also the material and how it interacts with lighting. Every backdrop I use will respond differently. For example our vinyl backdrops are more harsh and really pop when lit with hard light. Awesome for modern looking images where you really want some content that adds to the scene.

On the other side we have our Pro-Fabric which looks and shoots very like the old canvasses we all love but no-body really can afford. Plus they have huge disadvantages with tear and wear and wrinkles which means you can’t really do a spontaneous shoot unless you prepare your background.

During the workshops I could always shoot with the backdrops we have and never feel bored, but I also love to “freak out” with other materials and building (sometimes over the top) sets.

I always wanted something really eye-catching and we decided to build something with gold as main theme…. in all honesty it turned out WAY better than expected.

Lucky workshop
As soon as I took the first shots with my phone I already saw the quality of the background, this was going to be fun.
The idea was to let the light bounce around the set and just let it reflect where it “wanted” and see what happend. Normally I try to get the reflections out by using the angle of incidence is angle of reflection rule, but in this case I thought it would give a really nice look, and it was impossible to prevent because it’s not a straight wall but there were angles in the material all over the place, so keeping reflections out… impossible, and when something is impossible….. embrace it and make it part of the image, you will be surprised how often problems become awesome parts of a shot 😀

I started with just the fresnel on our model Claudia. And although I loved those shots, I also got a package in that morning with a special new guitar. My first headless guitar actually, and I just loved the look and thought it would look great in this set, so of course I could not resist (I always love shooting my guitars during workshops).

For the guitarists :
This is a Latitude low budget headless guitar.
But I can highly recommend it, it plays like it costs at least 700-800 euros, but is sold for under 300,00

Ok let’s take a look at the first shot.

As you can see the light scatters around very nicely on the set.
But this was a bit too dark for my taste, for this set I really wanted something that gave a lot of power.

So I added a Geekoto small softbox next to the Fresnel and used a yellow gel from the back hitting both the model and the walls which were setup in a 90 degree angle. The result was a lot better. Still attention to the model with the Fresnel, but a nice fill from the small softbox and the backlighting really added the glue to put everything together.

Sorry for the many photos but part of the workshop was also how to find poses with something like a guitar and I ended up liking way too many images.

Hope you guys enjoyed todays blog.
If there is anything you like to see in the blog just let me know.

See frankdoorhof.com/shop for the Fresnel, strobes and light shapers I use.