Great results from the Digital Classroom with Claudia

Digital Classroom is always fun to do

But it’s also always a challenge.
In fact (believe it or not) I don’t prepare the livestreams. Of course we know the theme, select some backgrounds but from there on it’s all just made up on the spot, which makes the livestreams (and workshops/demos) not only a lot of fun for me but also for the viewers, they always get something unique and it makes it possible for me to respond to questions.

Today the results from the latest digital classroom episode.
I actually make a complete blogpost with the video here.


The results

During this episode we did two different setups.
The theme was mostly about what different modifiers can add to a scene.
I’m using two different Geekoto softboxes to show you what the depth of the softbox does (it might surprise you), but I also used the flashbenders and magnetic system, including a cool shoot with the magnetic snoot (love that one).

So without further words… the results.

Model : Claudia.

And a nice behind the scenes setup just for fun 😀

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