TourBox Lite, this will change your workflow forever

One of the things I always teach during workshops is workflow. It might sound boring but having a proper workflow is essential to get not only consistent results but also to simply save time for other important things in life 😀 When we talk about workflow we often talk about settings and the order in which you edit in Lightroom, Photoshop or your favourite editor. But there is a lot more.

And now for something completely different some music.

But this time we wanted to do something else. We decided to film a few clips with our iPhones and edit it all together while I was experimenting with the BorisFX suite of special effects. (yeah still got a lot to learn for a review, but man it's awesome).

A kind of different product photography, shots from guitar pedals

Now we also took some of the more boring white background but when we do product shoots I also always like to add some "special set" shots. With handbags for example we build a small set fitting the brand and take some shots in there with fancy lighting. In most cases we do this for free (and fun) but clients often end up using those images also.

everything you always wanted to know about light shapers

In this episode we talk about everything you always wanted to know about light shapers. But we don't just talk about it, we also show you how I use them during a live shoot.

The way we tell stories and how to light them to get the right mood

In this blogpost I show you we created two totally different images with one prop. I explain the idea behind the shoot, the lighting setups and the end results.

Lighting tricks that work…..using the light behind your model, yes it works like a charm but it’s special

Sometimes you're looking for something different, something a bit more daring or edgy. Now mostly during normal shoots we always try to keep the lights out of the final results, but also to take out as much of the flare as possible. For the flare we have great coatings on lenses nowadays so when you add the sun hood on your lens you probably won't have any problems with flare.

Behind the scenes video during the Wibi Soerjadi Christmas concert

Today in the blog the behind the scenes videos we shot during the Wibi Soerjadi Christmas concert. Yesterday I showed you the photos and today you get to see how I took them.

My favorite shots from the Wibi Soerjadi Christmas concert

I've known Wibi for years and consider him as a close friend which makes photographing a concert like this at one point much easier, but also a lot harder. It's easier for me because I don't really have to think about disturbing the artist, he knows I'm there and there is trust so in essence I'm invisible for him so no worries on my side to interrupt him or do something that is not allowed, this makes it much easier to move around and shoot from different locations during the concert................................

Happy birthday Annewiek

As many of you know, when you ask me for an event I never travel…

Behind the scenes during the Zebra photoshoot with Nadine and some great styling

In todays blog post we take you behind the scenes during the Zebra themed photoshoot we did with our Model, Stylist and good friend Nadine. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Creating awesome zebra patterns with Photoshop AI

WOW. I knew that the generative fill from Adobe was great, but sometimes it all works great in demos but not in real life, and to be honest that was a bit my experience so far, it was a bit hit and miss, but Adobe constantly improves and that's visible.

A set built with isolation blankets for… zero

Today we talk about changing the look of a set completely with color, and how sets sometimes are different than expected

Some colourful lights in the set

In todays blogpost some images we shot during a workshop with Trista combing cheap continuous lighting with strobes in a DIY set

Build a set for less than $10 and use it many different ways…. yeah I’m Dutch

Today in the blog you see how you can use a very cheap set and 2 strobes to get a lot of great results in just 10 minutes. We talk about color gels, location of the strobes, backgrounds, sets, preparations and a lot more.

Use light in different ways for awesome portraits and more

Today in the blog a tips about lighting your model by just changing your position and how to use a striplight creatively

Awesome fashion shots with a complete set on a roll

In this blogpost we talk about shooting great fashion shots on a simple background set. We talk about the lighting, poses, angles to shoot and of course a lot more.

How to shoot for the stars or fireworks or the christmas tree

Tip about shooting fireworks or Christmas tree   In…

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2024

Merry Christmas from the Doorhofs   The last few years…

A great backdrop for fashion shoots with impact

More impact in your fashion shoot? Use our Click Backdrops Today…

We got the new smokemachines available and they are awesome

Normally we are using much larger smoke machines and although they are great for backgrounds they are not that good for adding subtile smoke effects or smoke in a specific place. The LensGo smokemachines are much more flexible and as you can see during the broadcast you can also add some local smoke effects like on a mirrorball for some mystical effects.