How to mix light sources flash and continious

There is a lot to say for powerful strobes. But always remember that now a days cameras have no problem at all with ISO200-400-800 or even 1600. Alle are perfectly usable in a studio setting. So although a 1000W strobe with spotlight sounds awesome in the studio it's unusable because even on the lowest setting you will break the X-sync which prevents most studio strobes to shoot above 1/125 of a second.

Love that look, it like old Hollywood revived

Today some more images shot with the Nanlite Fresnel on our own Geekoto strobes. LOVE that combination.

Agent Carter in the house

Today some images from the set with agent Carter. Model : Jona Shot during a workshop with Gabe who took care of all the costumes. As you can imagine we had a blast 😀

Wonder Woman in our studio…. oh yes

Today a few images from Jona in her wonder woman outfit. Shot during a 3 day 1:1 workshop with Gabe who actually brought all the costumes with him for the workshops.

As a Star Trek nerd I love these workshops

One (of the many) things I love about my work is that no workshop or shoot is the same. I actually never prepare my workshops or demos, this way I keep it fresh for myself but also for the attendees that visit our workshops regularly. This also means that I often listen to the questions the attendees have before the studio part starts (the Q&A) and base my workshop on those questions.

Gold it almost hurt your eyes so much Gold

A background really makes the shot for me. I recently had a whole discusion with someone about how AI would replace backgrounds and no-one would ever shoot against backdrops anymore. I don't think I have to tell you guys I did not agree 😀

That beautiful old glamour light, nothing like it.

The look of the Fresnel is really hard to describe (that's why I use images), but it's almost immediately recognizable. Think about almost all the old black and white (and later color) images from the movie stars from the golden era and you immediately know what I mean right... well that era was dominated by the Fresnel look, you found them everywhere in studios. But now a days I hardly see them anymore. Mostly due to price but also I think because people just don't know the funny looking Fresnel.

Yolobox pro live review

We've been live streaming for as long as I can remember. It all started many years ago via special live-streaming software (YouTube didn't support live streaming at that moment) and a webcam. I would start in the morning with placing the webcam in the makeup room with the model, after that we took the same camera and moved it to the studio to show the photoshoot. All via 1 camera, and the cool thing.... people were staying online the whole day, interacting, sharing ideas and chatting with each other and me. Sometimes someone fell asleep due to time differences, but it was an awesome experience.

Behind the scenes during the workshop in Oss with Geekoto small flash

With the Geekoto's I'm able to bring my camera, lightmeter, 3 strobes with grips, 2 Rogue magnetic systems, Flashbender and Rogue Umbrella, iPad etc all in one backpack or rolling case.

Behind the scenes during the workshops

Today part I of a 2 part vlog about the workshops in Pelt (Belgium)…

Colorspaces explained

Today I'm sharing a video where I answer some of the questions about colourspaces that are often asked during workshops and can really confuse people.

Playing and having fun with Photoshop AI

I've been shooting Wibi Soerjadi for quite some years now. So I have a rather extensive collection of images in different outfits, poses etc. Over the years we have become good friends and I love to bounce off ideas to him on how to create art work that is usable and fitting for the artist but is obvious fake. I don't even try to make it photorealistic. Which doesn't mean I do my best to make it all fit "naturally", it's just a choice to make it more surreal. The challenge for me is to tell a story that fits what you see.

My view on AI, please read before judging

It's everywhere, and it's even worse than the .com hype. Even things that are so far away from anything even coming close to intelligence is labeled as AI just to ride the wave. But how do we use it creatively ?

Behind the scenes during the FotoFair 2023

Today we take you behind the scenes during the workshops I taught during the yearly FotoFair event. The FotoFair is a fairly unique concept where almost every kind of photography is covered. Workshops range from animals, macro, nature, movement, flowershoots to fashion

Adding a touch of color

In the past few days you have seen some images from the workshop…

Working on location and what does flash do?

During the workshop on location in Emmeloord with our model Claudia…

Shooting models in the sun with Geekoto Off-Camera Flash

Geekoto is the perfect off-camera flash to get full control over…

Results from the Landschaftspark workshop with Nadine

This weekend it was time for an awesome workshop. The location:…

Looking back at the first year of problem-free tethering and connecting photographers…

Exactly a year ago we introduced a new tether brand: IQwire.…

Kingsday 2023

Today it's Kingsday in The Netherlands. In most cities, this…