Using two or three umbrellas for a perfect white background a video tutorial

Over the years I've tried different ways to shoot this setup. At one point I was using two strobes on the background, two strip lights as accents and one main light. The problem always was the floor. The accent lights would give double shadows, this by the way was solved by angling the strip lights slightly up and using grids, but that didn't solve my other problem, the floor itself.

Outside fashion shot for sunglasses with extreme styling and flash Part V : let’s talk about something grungy

For the final setup we are still using the same lighting setup with the same Geekoto GT200 with a large reflector. This is what we sometimes call our "outside studio" or in other words a part of our studio (away from the public eye) where we just leave everything (within reason), so it looks very "grungy"/"urbex" this part is based around an old trailer with some bushes and is great as a location, especially when shooting from a low angle the fence in the background and the angle it creates can be very nice.

Outside fashion shot for sunglasses with extreme styling and flash Part IV : let’s talk backgrounds and angles

Chasing the perfect background on location is one of my favourite things. And it's not always that the most interesting looking background is also the best. It's great to have a cool background but we don't always want them to compete with each other. I always try to choose a background that will help my model to pop-out, or disappear into.

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A super creative space People have been asking for years if…

Outside fashion shot for sunglasses with extreme styling and flash Part III : let’s talk storytelling

This is the second set of that workshop. For this setup we went to the local beach, we chose a location with some trees behind Nadine and a slight rise. Nadine brought a lot of Delfts blue we used as props spread around her. Now the styling on it's own already did a lot but when I saw that the umbrella was breaking down I decided to also use something else.

Outside fashion shoot for sunglasses with extreme styling and flash Part II : let’s talk gear

The third set we used during the workshop (set II will follow the next time) was a small house near the beach, this is an interesting location but in all honesty I had the most trouble with this one to create something interesting. But by using the lines in the location and changing my angles of shooting I think we got some interesting looks.

Outside fashion shoot for sunglasses with extreme styling and flash Part I

One of the more challenging workshops is without a doubt "on location in Emmeloord" During this workshop I take the attendees with me to locations that at first sight might look incredibly boring. However by using the styling of the model and of course the choice of lighting and shooting angle it becomes clear pretty quickly that even locations that are not that interesting can transform into a great location for shoots.

Same background, totally different results

Maximise your results with this simple technique When you shoot for a client it's always interesting and smart to deliver different options. But different options take time, right? Well not exactly.

Have fun with the wide-angle option on your iPhone or other smartphone

The wide angle is probably one of the most fun lenses. period. Ok that might be a very strong expression, but the wide angle is without a doubt one of those lenses you can have a lot of fun with. So for todays blogpost I decided to take some wide angle shots while walking in the forest with Chewie.

Modelling is also acting, well actually a lot of acting

Over the years I've photographed many different models in many different locations and situations. Ranging from trade shows on a booth measuring 2x3 mtrs to awesome castles. One thing I learned is that you can shoot in the most difficult or awesome locations, the model determines how the results will end up. When I look for models the first thing of course I look at is how the model looks, I don't believe in size zero and love to shoot "real" people instead of barbie dolls. And that immediately brings us to the most important part.

A pure white background and floor, plus accents on your model with just three umbrellas

Shooting with a white background is far from my favourite setup, but sometimes you have to 😀 When I started out with photography the white background was hot, and used all the time (I was always more a light grey fan). So of course I had to learn how to shoot it.

Having fun with poses. This will get you more dynamic photos and much more fun during the shoot

One thing that I learned after the posing books was finding the lines in a pose. Sometimes it's a nice flowing S-curve in a pose, and sometimes I loved working with triangles. Now in all honesty I didn't really look for triangles, it just happened that all the shots I really liked had some triangles in the poses.

New improved CableBlock

New CableBlock There is a huge difference between products…

I show you how I started and where we are now (Digital Classroom Love for Photography)

It's been interesting to go through my old work for this episode of Digital Classroom. I thought it would be fun to dedicate a whole episode on the way my photography changed, but also my vision on my own work and the way I work with models, sets, lighting and styling.

Working creatively with seamless paper in a totally different way

Of course you can use the paper for many different things. We could have build a dress out of it, used it as a backdrop with loads of wrinkles and tears, or maybe on the floor with the model lying on or under it, in essence the sky is the limit. So the next time....

A videotip about using the FlashBender XL Pro (Frank Doorhof edition)

I've been using the Rogue flashbender for many years and without any doubt it's one of the most flexible light shapers. You can use it as a snoot, bounce card, softbox and even a striplight with grid.

Quick portraits on location and to show how easy it is we have a cute labradoodle

Quick portraits on location is always a challenge, you have to think fast, find a location, setup your lighting and often only have a few minutes with your client. Today we are going to take a look at how we setup a location session and what I use.

A great new addition to the iPad ecosystem

On the desktop I've been using products from Skylum since they were called MacPhun and I always loved their approach to make something standalone but also fully incorporate it into the Adobe eco system. Now a days you probably know them best for Luminar. And man am I excited, because Luminar has now been released on the iPad. I still have to test everything and see how it will integrate into my workflow with Lightroom but for "looks" in my images I can't wait to start building new presets.

Using unusual props to train creativity

In today's blogpost tips on using unusual props to train your creativity.

A different background for a totally different look

Now this might seem logical, but often it's forgotten that when you really blend background and model together ON SET you get a much more "organic" and "real" end result, not just because the shadow and light play on the backdrop, but also because both model and photographer are "inspired" by the results coming in.