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5 Day deal time !!!

YES it’s that time of the year, the famous 5DayDeal.
Every year the 5DayDeal is jam-packed with e-books, software, presets, plugins, LUT, tutorials and loads more for an insane low price.

This year we are talking about over $5500.00 in value for only…. are you sitting down?
$98.00 😀

The 5DayDeal also includes my e-book about speedlights and the whole tutorial about the same subject.
If you use our link https://bit.ly/3EXq8FK you also support all the work we do for you guys, so we appreciate a share or order via the link 😀

I made a small video about the 5DayDeal, check it out here to see what’s included.

Behind the scenes during the workshops

Today part I of a 2 part vlog about the workshops in Pelt (Belgium) and Oss.

In this part we take you with us behind the scenes during the workshops in Pelt (Belgium) with model Floore.

During the workshop tour I’m also introducing our Geekoto flash system. A perfect replacement for speedlights and in most cases studio strobes. Of course I’m also using our Rogue system.


Behind the scenes during the FotoFair 2023

Today we take you behind the scenes during the workshops I taught during the yearly FotoFair event.
The FotoFair is a fairly unique concept where almost every kind of photography is covered. Workshops range from animals, macro, nature, movement, flowershoots to fashion

Besides the workshops there are a lot of other activities and demos from major manufactures and some stores.
And it doesn’t stop there, although the workshops are only for paid attendees there are also a lot of cosplayers, steampunk, vikings and anything in between walking over the event terrain, so if you love to take photos, well you get the idea :D.

I taught 2 workshops each day and this was the first time we ever used the Geekoto strobes during such an event.
I did some smaller sessions with them in our studio but during the FotoFair they really got tested. Not just because they were used a lot (12 students per group) but also because the heat was almost unbearable in our tent, and I can say… they did marvellously.

I hope you enjoy the behind the scenes video we shot.



Umbrellas are awesome…. are they ?

In todays video I’m working with our Rogue fibreglass umbrella and show you some cool things you can do with it.

You can order the umbrella kit via www.frankdoorhof.com/shop or your favourite camerastore that sells Rogue products.