Some images from Sharon

Today some images from Sharon I shot during a workshop small flash.
Sharon Mei 31 2014  (4 of 101)-EditThis image was shot with just the bare strobe, nothing more.
I love the look of the shadow on the background, a lot of people are afraid of shadows but for me they create the mood and let’s be honest without shadows there is no three dimensionality 😀

Sharon Mei 31 2014  (22 of 101)-Edit

Sharon Mei 31 2014  (25 of 101)-Edit

These two images were shot with the medium Rogue flash bender next to the model creating a nice soft quality of light but still with a very rapid light fall off. I love to place my lights very close to the model due to the rapid light fall of and the nice softer quality of light.


These were by the way the first images I shot with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lens, which really impressed me.