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Today I share the webinar I did for our friends at DxO in December.
Now normally webinars are sharing a desktop and sharing some tips and tricks for lightroom and Photoshop, however in this webinar we decided to do things a bit differently and we used cameras in the studio to show what I’m doing during a live photoshoot, but you will also see the whole process of selecting, retouching etc.


I’m joined in this webinar by our good friend Hector from DxO who also shares some of his secrets.
So check it out


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  1. Eduardo
    Eduardo says:

    First I would like to congratulate you for the excellent video, all the tips on how to light with strobes and all the post-processing stuff. Awesome!

    On the shooting segment of the video you were using Elinchrom strobes triggered by a Skyport module installed on top of your camera, whenever you shoot the camera commands the Skyport and so on the strobe, that’s OK, I have the same stuff and it`s working fine.

    But when you are metering the strobe with the lightmeter, I guess you were using a Sekonic L-758 which, as far as I know doesn’t support Elinchrom protocol, how do you manage to trigger the strobe to take the reading? I did not see you pushing the test button on the Skyport or the strobe unless someone else was doing that behind the cameras.

    I`m asking this because I`m about to buy a lightmeter, Sekonik is at the top of my list but the built-in Pocket Wizard it`s not compatible with the Elinchrom-Skyport.

    Best Regards
    Eduardo R.

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