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Now you can download my presets

You’ve asked for it many times…..
“how do you create that look?”


Well starting today…. you can do it yourself.
For the first time ever I’ve created full preset packages with all the presets I use for Alien Skin Exposure, DxO filmpack and NIK/Google AEP.


Yep you’ve read it correctly, it’s everything, no light versions, or slightly different versions, this is the real deal.


All packages are priced at 7.50 euro and are available for direct download.

DxO FilmPack 4

Webinar DxO

Today I share the webinar I did for our friends at DxO in December.
Now normally webinars are sharing a desktop and sharing some tips and tricks for lightroom and Photoshop, however in this webinar we decided to do things a bit differently and we used cameras in the studio to show what I’m doing during a live photoshoot, but you will also see the whole process of selecting, retouching etc.


I’m joined in this webinar by our good friend Hector from DxO who also shares some of his secrets.
So check it out