A few analogue shots

Today just a few images I shot during the workshop we did for Servix in Belgium.
The images were shot with a Leica R4 and FujiFilm 400 ASA.
Scans are straight out of the camera.
Developed at home C41, scanned with an Epson V750.
With the portraits I played a bit with the scanners color balance, still in doubt which one I like most.

Servix workshops 2013 (4 of 6)

Servix workshops 2013 (6 of 6)


workshop Servix Fuji 400


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  1. Richard Bremer
    Richard Bremer says:

    Love that first shot! The analogue look works great in that one. Love that touch of filmgrain, too.

    With the portraits, I’d go for the bottom one. Did you add a squint of green there? In the upper portrait I see a bit of purple, which I don’t really like in this case.

    Thx for sharing, Frank!

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