Because we can….

I know you just love the blogposts about doing shoots without any budget so I thought let’s post another one of those.
In this case we look at our model Gwendolyne, she is wearing an amazing creation she made herself with (and I hope this is the correct translation) Bubble plastic 😀

As mentioned before on this blog, don’t over think your styling etc. in terms of budget. In most cases you can do really amazing things with “garbage” and don’t take that literally of course, that’s why I use ” “, although….. hummmm 😀

Any way, when planning a session just think about materials, think about structures and most of all about ways to photograph it. You can spend literally thousands of dollars/euros on styling and expensive dresses but as you can see here sometimes the most basic materials just plain rock and are awesome to shoot. And when you’re done you can start using it for what is was intended to be used for. So you save money and you have some amazing new shots for your portfolio.

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  1. fred
    fred says:

    Well, yes, she is gorgeous..and the correct translation is “bubble wrap”, but she would probably look good even without it……I like the mysterious changes in grades of white and transparency

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