The ultimate workshop November 21-22nd Emmeloord

I’ve been teaching workshops for a few years now, most workshops run for a full day and although very intense there is always so much more to learn, so most students visit the workshops several times. The reason for this is very simple, I never try to duplicate workshops, there are so many things you can do with lighting, location, styling, the models etc. that it would be a shame to teach the same workshop material over and over…..


For the one day workshops I have several themes, for example “working on location”, “working with artificial and available light”, “Duo shoots”, “Masks”, “Smoke”, “Retouching” etc. etc. all these topics are so broad that they are already difficult to jam into one day…. so last year the idea actually grew to do a multiple day workshop, however when I do something I always want to make sure that what I deliver is solid, there is no sense in doing a workshop in 2 days or 3 days that can be taught in one day by just talking faster…..

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So slowly the idea for the “multiple day workshop” grew and got more shape.
After the first trials the students actually came up with the name and called it “The Ultimate workshop” and I have to say I agree and use that name for these workshops.


In 2-3 days you will get so much information it will make your head spin, we are working as a small team (group size is always limited to max 10-12 people depending on the location) to create literally a multitude of different scenarios. The ultimate workshops are the best workshops I can teach, and I dare to say, probably the best on the market if you’re into model photography.


What can you expect?
Of course we work with our very best models during these workshops, so next to learning a lot you will also get a real portfolio boost. All workshops start with an Q&A session. In this session you can actually tell me what you want to learn and I will incorporate all these questions into the workshop ahead.


Topics that are always part of the workshops :
Metering, understanding light, manipulating light sources, learning shadows, contrast control, mixing light sources, working with artificial and available light, minimalistic setups vs advanced setups, creating your own stunning backdrops, sculpting the models pose, coaching the model, finding the correct angle and light for each situation, story telling, styling, adding lens flare, special effects without breaking the bank, using color, shooting on location and in the studio and much much more.


But that’s just scratching the surface.
Due to the extra time there is also an afternoon/evening part in which we run through my complete workflow from tethering to backups, selecting images, RAW conversion, retouching etc.


But even if you have all this knowledge it’s also important to market yourself of course… so also the topics like social media, business tips, advertising, using facebook etc. are all covered in between.


The next “Ultimate workshop” is in the weekend of November 21-22nd in our studio in Emmeloord.
Day 1 will be an intense day from 10:00AM-10:00PM including a nice diner with our team (and me of course)
Day 2 will be from 10:00AM-17:00PM

Everything will be arranged during the workshop days, drinks, lunch and diner on the first night.
We also have a special arrangement with a local hotel if you’re interested.


Thanks to some very nice sponsors we are able to offer you these workshops for EU 699.00 
This includes a certificate and a really cool goody bag with some surprises from our sponsors.

Do you want to join us on November 21-22nd surf here and register.
the workshop will be in English.

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