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MTM goes New York

On February 13th I’ll be teaching a full day (small group) workshop in New York… the city that never sleeps.
And trust me… after this workshop you won’t sleep for a week…. it’s jam-packed with information on shooting models, understanding light, mixing light sources, shooting with advanced light setups and the bare basics (just natural light) and much more. The unique approach of the workshops is always that we start with a Q&A in which the participants can ask whatever they want and part of the questions will be answered right away and the other part will be incorporated into the workshop it self, this way the attendees always learn exactly what they want.


For this workshop we have some amazing dresses from our friend Lindsay Adler (they are stunning) plus the workshop itself is taught in a great studio with both day light and studio options so it’s possible to cover literally every aspect you can encounter, meaning you will get a very complete overview of techniques for both natural light and strobes (and mixing them of course).


During the workshop you will also get the chance to shoot with the brand new 100MP Phase One digital camera/back so you will be going home not only with stunning images… but also some very high resolution ones 😀


As an added bonus you will also see the whole retouch process from selection to finish with many tips in Photoshop and Capture One.
By the way… ALL participants will receive a free copy of Capture One 9 (valued at 299.00)


Topics will be :
Understanding/Manipulating/metering light
Using the light meter in incident and reflective mode
Mixing light sources
Coaching the model and working to a great shoot
Adding motion for that WOW effect
Advanced techniques for location shoots
Maximizing the location
The right gear
The complete workflow for model photography
Color managed workflows
Using Capture one during and after the shoot
Retouching and selecting images
And MUCH MUCH more…….

Retouching topics will be :
Skin retouching without spending hours behind the computer
Adding an unique look within seconds without plugins
Tinting your images 
Body shaping within Photoshop
Using BW convertors for stunning color enhancements
Adding skin detail back if necessary (this can save your shot)
Manipulating light
Adding atmospherical lighting to a shot
Enhancing the look of the scene
And MUCH MUCH more…..



Sounds good?
I think so, so head on over to https://frankdoorhof.com/web/tours/new-york-workshop-february-13th-2016/ and read more about this workshop and register.
CU in the big Apple 😀



Changing the look of your set

One of the things I always try to teach during the workshops is the power you have as a photographer when you are using strobes, you can make the most beautiful setups and control the light on location, techniques like “dragging the shutter”, “day to night”, “fill in flash” etc. are all awesome…. and convert a scene to something completely different, I always call it “painting your own reality with light”.

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New model Esmee and finding new models

I love working with models I know, as most of you do.
The workflow is known, you know what you’re gonna get, and it’s often quicker than with a model you don’t know. However one of the things that’s very important is that when someone looks at your portfolio, books a workshop, or will give you assignment you have to offer as much variety as possible. Because let’s say your “soon to be client” doesn’t like model A and your whole portfolio is filled with this model, it could very well be that you miss that assignment.

However most of all I think working with new faces is just way too much fun to be “forgotten”.
A new person in front of the camera is (at least for me) always a challenge, “let’s see what she/he can do”, “Let’s see how she/he reacts to jumping/expression etc”.

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Some new polaroids

As you know sometimes I share some new polaroids I shoot during the workshops/sessions.
Today two from Marie.

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