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Webinar X-rite with Rosa

A few weeks ago I did a webinar with Rosa for our friends of X-rite.
Today some images from this webinar and a link to the webinar in case you missed it.
Webinar link : http://vimeo.com/xrite/review/97518749/d057f4a937


Rosa June 5 2014 Xrite webinar (3 of 34)-Edit

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Webinar DxO

Today I share the webinar I did for our friends at DxO in December.
Now normally webinars are sharing a desktop and sharing some tips and tricks for lightroom and Photoshop, however in this webinar we decided to do things a bit differently and we used cameras in the studio to show what I’m doing during a live photoshoot, but you will also see the whole process of selecting, retouching etc.


I’m joined in this webinar by our good friend Hector from DxO who also shares some of his secrets.
So check it out


X-Rite webinar

Doing a webinar is always an exciting thing.
You are live, anything can go wrong, and there is no feedback from the audience, some people love it, some people don’t. I do like the tension to be honest, but for the following webinar I did add a bit more tension….


Normally with a webinar you stream your desktop, show some Lightroom and Photoshop etc. and well… that’s about it.
Well for me that’s something I’ve done so many times that I decided it was time to up the ante just a little bit, for the X-rite webinar we transformed our studio into a small “tv studio” and streamed not only the desktop but also live footage from 3 cameras in our studio (2 webcams and one normal camera). Because we needed more bandwidth we also used a satellite internet connection to stream the content. In the end it all worked out just fine, the frame rate is a bit on the low side I think but that’s more a problem of the software used to stream everything, from our side we have done tests with 720P which went without any problem, so….. for the future we have some interesting things planned as you can imagine.


For today enjoy the webinar I did for X-Rite in which we did a life photoshoot with our model Marie and you will see an explanation about the color checker passport and retouching.
The link to the webinar is http://vimeo.com/82272476

webinar Marie Dec-17_-031-Edit

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X-rite webinar online

Last week I taught a free webinar for our friends at X-rite.
Today you can find the link to the webinar here :



http://www.xritephoto.com/ph_learning.aspx?action=webinarsarchive&eventid=1501&eventdateid=5526Safari 2