WorldWidePhotowalk Amsterdam

October 13th it’s time again for the Scott kelby World Wide Photowalk.
This is an event I’m always looking forward to, without any doubt a fun day with loads of photography tips flying around and of course a lot of networking and new friends, but most of all an opportunity to test out new cameras (it was my first experience with the X100 for example) and to get some amazing shots.

Last year I hosted the walk in Kampen and this year I decided to host a walk in our capital and great city for photowalks Amsterdam. Without any doubt a city that will give you a tremendous amount of options. The official Photowalk will start at 11:00AM and will take 2 hours. But…. after the official part I will be there for the rest of the day and more than willing to go on with a smaller (or the same) group. Maybe throw in some models/strobes etc 😀



There is only room for 50 walkers (oh my why do I think about the walking dead now???) so be quick and join me and 50 other photographers on October 13th.
Join us at :