Esther images

Today some images from Esther.
These were shot during the filming of the new episode of “The DOORhof is always open” that was released last week (see iTunes and, some of the images you have seen in the podcast, but there are also some new ones from the “after session” 😀

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  1. Marc
    Marc says:

    #6 is my fav ! (the one in color where she put the net on her face). Nice lights. I have been youtubing your vids on the internet and I now have more clue about it. Thank you for explaining so well and also being so funny !

  2. JorgeV
    JorgeV says:

    The 1 and 6 for me are the best ones. The lights are soft but the “all strars” honestly for me they have nothing to do with the shots and are creating I feel that only discord on moviments and colours. Why not only black socks ! ( just an opinion). Thanks for sharing so nice shots.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Socks ?
      To be honest than bare feet.
      But I love the all stars in this image to be honest, it’s all personal taste of course that’s the beauty of it 😀

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