Rogue flashbender instructional video

Today I share a small video from a series I did for the amazing Rogue flashbender products.

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  1. Boudewijn Berends
    Boudewijn Berends says:

    Hey Frank, je moet even een betere still uitzoeken voor je filmpje. 🙂 Jullie kijken een beetje moeilijk. Ik zag trouwens dat Scott de photowalk 2012 heeft aangekondigd, ga jij er weer één organiseren in de buurt van Emmeloord? Wel gave resultaten krijg je met die flashbender. Ik dacht dat je die laatste foto had geschoten met de Quadra. Ik was verbaasd van het resultaat dat je krijgt met een simpele flitser.

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      DIt jaar ga ik hem in Amsterdam doen, had veel aanvragen vorig jaar voor die omgeving maar aangezien ik hem in Kampen hield ook veel mensen die niet konden komen.

      De still heb ik geen invloed op, deze video word gelinkt vanaf Rogue.

  2. Tom Darling
    Tom Darling says:

    Frank thanks for sharing this very instructional and inspirational video. I have been using Rogue Flashbenders for some time and love them. After your last video with the soft box I went out and got one. I have been really happy with all my Rogue flash products, however I have been using them mainly indoors. After seeing this video it has inspired me to take my stuff out doors. Thanks for the inspiration and keep the videos coming.

  3. Buddy Mesker
    Buddy Mesker says:

    I noticed you have some elastic straps holding your Rogue Grid on to the mount. It appears that the grid itself has some sort of lips to keep the straps from slipping off. Is this a new version of the Rogue Grid or some sort of hack? Mine does look like that. I would like to have that on my Rogue Grid as I don’t really use it because the grid keeps falling off.

  4. Reed
    Reed says:

    Frank, thank you for the awesome video – very helpful!

    I was wondering how much post work was done to the images. When I shoot with these types of setups (I love the Rogue products) my images tend to be very cold even if I choose a “warmer” color temperature. I am still at a loss as to how you are capturing such warm and crisp images. Thanks for any advice!

    • Frank Doorhof
      Frank Doorhof says:

      Color should be no problem, unless you shoot in mixed light setups, there will be something about that in one of the upcoming assignments 😀 (year with Frank).

      I did minor color tweaking with Alien Skin exposure.

  5. Fidel Fernandez Sampson
    Fidel Fernandez Sampson says:

    I just received my flashbender and what is my surprise, I see Marie in the first picture of rogue catalog, then I see Nadiine and more Frank pictures. I felt around friends already, I know i will have a lot of fund with it.

  6. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    Hello Frank,
    The two episodes on the Rogue system are the best available which really show what these are capable of.
    My question is, are you using the flash in TTL or Manual mode, and generally speaking, where do you have the flash output.. full power or lower.
    Sorry I just missed you in NYC. 🙁

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