Top of Denmark

One of the things I absolutely love to do when traveling is finding places that are a bit “weird” or different. And in Denmark we wanted to visit two of these sites, the first is a lighthouse that was captured by sand (later more on this) and one was the absolute top of Denmark called Skagen. This is where both the Skagerrak and Kattegat come together, this gives a very dangerous situation and this is why swimming is not allowed in this area.


When you arrive in the location there is a huge parking and a small tractor bringing you to the point…. we of course decided to walk, it was only 500mtrs…. well that must have been the longest 500 mtrs ever, but we are used to walking so it was more than doable but if you are a bit less fit make sure to take the tractor, walking through the sand is pretty heavy.


On the way to the destination you pass some old bunkers, which of course also are interesting to visit, but that’s not why we where here, but I of course had to take some quick snaps 😀

Denemarken Augustus 7 2014  16

Denemarken Augustus 7 2014  24

Denemarken Augustus 7 2014  122

Now I expected some people visiting the place but oh my it almost looked like a pelgrimage I did not expect so many people, it’s like a long line of people all walking towards one point….

Denemarken Augustus 7 2014  53

When we arrived at the top of Denmark it was quite interesting to see all the people standing in the water, taking selfies, shooting each others and just plain having fun. When shooting locations like this I always try to find a slightly different way to shoot it, so I started with some shots from eye height, which are… well standard (boring) so I decided to hold the camera slightly above my head aiming down. Now that looked better, but …. I wanted something a bit more special.

Denemarken Augustus 7 2014  79 1

Denemarken Augustus 7 2014  65 1

And because it’s all about standing in the water I thought it would be nice to just hold the camera really low and shoot from that angle, this eventually gave me the shot I wanted.

Denemarken Augustus 7 2014  105 1

Of course angles are always personal 😀


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  1. Gert Kracht
    Gert Kracht says:

    That place is not so boring as you might think Frank. It is the place where two seas collide and at the right timing (with the tides) that part above Denmark becomes really violent. Same happens around islands in front of the south coast of England and France. I really want to go there too and see it happening myself. Enjoy your trip!

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