Some new images from Simone

Today some images we shot last week during the glamour workshop with Simone.

Shot with the Fuji X pro 1.

These shots were all done with two strobes on the background metering 3 stops over the main light (2.5 is in theory enough but in practice 3 stops makes sure everything is nice and even), remember that is metered reflective, not incident. For the mainlight I used the Elinchrom Maxilight with grid placed behind the model aimed at the surface of the cube and her face. This is a setup that is very nice for this kind of shots and gives a nice edge light on the model.


These shots were done with one strobe and grid aimed at the model from above.
Also here a very simple light setup but often very effective, the grid makes the lightfall off very rapid and creates a very nice almost spot effect on the model.
The blue of the background reflects on the models skin and by desaturating all colors expect blue I enhanced this.

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