At a bit of spice to a shoot with sunglasses

Often I’m asked “What to do to spice up a shoot”
Well you can a lot of things of course, but one thing that I always find fun and can really add a little bit of an edge to a session is let the model play with sunglasses.


During a workshop with Sharon we added this little accessory and played with it.


Sharon Mei 17 2014 (56 of 121)-Edit-Edit

Sharon Mei 17 2014 (47 of 121)-Edit

As you can see it will give a standard setup just a little bit extra, add a small detail like the leather wrist band and you have a much more edgy image than the standard portrait. So next time make sure you ask your model to bring her sunglasses, or buy some cool ones on the flea market, the more extreme the better and remember she doesn’t have to be able to look through them 😀