Working creatively with seamless paper in a totally different way

Being creative with left-over seamless paper

What are seamless paper backdrops again?

Yes, most of the time we use our Click Backdrops. In practically all situations a Click Backdrop is better than seamless. Even white! this article is about working creatively with seamless Paper left-overs

But we started with Seamless paper backdrops so we have much of it. Seamless paper backdrops are large non-reflective rolls of paper that fit on a stand behind your subject. They can be plain or colored, and give a smooth, professional look to your photographs. Seamless paper is often used in portraits, headshots, or baby photography, as the colors can be changed to suit your subject. As you understand very boring and plain.

No, don’t throw it out… yet!

Annewiek must have heard this a million times… yes I have a problem throwing stuff out. Especially seamless (paper)
I somehow always feel you can still use it for something, and when that moment is there it’s better to have it… right?

I am not a huge fan of seamless paper. Over time it becomes unusable due to tears and dirt. And you have to throw it out and get a new roll. But for a nice and long backdrop, it’s still one of the most used backdrops. But what do you do when you can’t use the paper anymore but still have a lot left?

Well…. we can always use it in a shoot 😀

Working Creatively with Seamless Paper

Make a skirt out of seamless paper (or pretend it is a skirt)

working creatively with seamless

In this case, it was the idea of one of the attendees of the workshop. He had some yellow paper left and asked me if it would make a nice prop.
Claudia our model had bright red hair that week (yeah it varies) so that fitted perfectly in this setup.

The combination of yellow and red makes a great contrast which is balanced by the white clothing/hat and the blue background.

Of course, you can use the paper for many different things. We could have built a dress out of it. Used it as a backdrop with loads of wrinkles and tears. Or maybe on the floor with the model lying on or under it, in essence, the sky is the limit. So the next time….

Always reuse… and recycle your seamless paper

We all know recycling is important, but when you think you can use something for a photoshoot… maybe hang on to it just a little bit longer 😀

So what is your next idea about working creatively with seamless paper?


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