A videotip about using the FlashBender XL Pro (Frank Doorhof edition)

The FlashBender XL Pro is my favorite light shaper

I’ve been using the Rogue FlashBender for many years. And without any doubt, it’s one of the most flexible light shapers.
You can use it as a snoot, bounce card, softbox, and even a striplight with grid.

The FlasBender was designed for speedlights and round strobes. So,  it fits most of the hybrid strobes on the market like Godox, Geekoto, Profoto, Westcott, etc.
Besides all the different ways to use it, the main advantage for me is that there is always room for a FlashBender or two. It folds up very flat so it will mostly just sit on top of my gear in my backpack.

If you also want a FlashBender, or one of the other Rogue products check
Rogueflash.com / Rogueflash.nl

And for the Dutch customers get the Rogue products and the FlashBender XL Pro here.

Because we are the Dutch distributor for Rogue we also have a Dutch version from this video.