Styling in a photoshoot

Styling is one of the key elements in a successful photoshoot. A lot of people overlook this subject and end up with “perfect” lighting, great locations and still unattractive photos, or at least photos that don’t make you go “WOW”


In my opinion styling will make or break the shot, however as soon as you start using styling you also dive into the snakepit called personal taste…… so prepare 😀


Now most people think “I can’t do this” or “This is SOOOO expensive” in reality however it isn’t.


In our studio I work together with (I think) one of the most creative stylists in the Netherlands at the moment Nadine, she can do wonders with almost nothing, and she is a pretty good model too (so what more to wish for), the idea is to combine materials and colors that work together, for example strong red with a blue wig would seem ridiculous on paper but when you execute it the right way you will see that it really works.

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Tips on styling

Styling is one of the most important parts in a successful photoshoot.
If you shoot a model in jeans and tanktop, you’d better be a lighting wizard because there is not much else going on…..
This is one of the quotes from my book “Mastering the modelshoot” (which recently got the label bestseller :D).


Now for some people the term styling already gives them a panic attack… styling is difficult, impossible to do yourself etc.
Well…. let’s be realistic, for a good styling project you will need a professional stylist, they really have “the eye” and know what goes together and will work in a photo, but don’t worry if you can’t afford one, there are some simple things you can do yourself.

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1. Don’t overthink, but DO overthink
Sounds weird right?
Well it is.
What I mean is that sometimes people already think “I can never do it, so I won’t even start” and that’s the first overthink. The second one is much more important… when you start doing the styling for a shoot do it with care, make sure that everything goes together, match colors and match the styling to the model and the look of the set you’re gonna use, you really have to think about this over and over again, a styling idea can fall flat on it’s face by small mistakes.


2. It’s always personal
You can create the most amazing outfit and look, but always remember that as soon as you steer away from “standard” people will either like it or hate it, and the more extreme you go the more extreme the reactions will be, be prepared for some intense flaming online, especially from people who don’t do it themselves 🙂

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Nadine as Robot

Last weekend I was invited to participate in a shoot in Almelo, the location was an abandoned building.
My first model of choice for shoots like this is of course Nadine, and luckily for me I’m often also her photographer of choice to work out some of the more extreme stuff (and extreme she can be). For this day I will divide the results over 3 different blogposts to also take some time to explain the techniques behind the shots.

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Nadine in style

Today I share some images we shot during a “free style” session with Nadine.
Nadina (as usual) did all the styling and makeup herself.

For me sometimes doing a “free style” session is incredibly important, these are the kind of session where everything goes, so time to experiment with light, smoke, colors, crazy themes etc. And it’s a great way to find new techniques of course.

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