About input and working together

Today some more images with the light snake like we discussed in the previous blogpost.


This time we have added a small set and did a bit more with the styling of the model.
These images were shot during a workshop about smoke and props, in this workshop we show the attendees on how to control smoke, and believe it or not it’s almost a science, but also on how to work with very simple and budget friendly props to create something cool.


One of things I always try to teach is that you’re much stronger if you’re listing to your team or anyone in the room. There is a saying “you’re as strong as the weakest link” and that might be so for certain areas but I strongly believe that if you combine everything together even the weakest link adds to the total amount.


What I see a lot on sets is that the photographer takes control…(read this with a low voice) it’s HIS set and everyone should listen, if someone has input HE will determine if it’s right…. (switch back to normal voice) now that might work for some people, or at least they think, in reality they are missing out a lot.


During workshops and shoots I always listen to everyone, I want all the input I can get, some ideas I will not investigate further because I simply know they are not fitting the shot I want/need but most of the time you will find that if you create the atmosphere in which people DARE to have input your session will FLY and your creativity will blossom.


In this set I just started simple and together with the students we started to think about what we could do with the light-snake, and see what happened.

Poeka Januari 9 2016 31007

Poeka Januari 9 2016 31017

Poeka Januari 9 2016 31027

as you can see it’s just a very simple change of the light snake and it actually changes the whole shot, the light snake goes from a position in the back where you could actually ask “why” to a major role into the shot. Now this was shot during a workshop so my time is always limited to shoot but imaging going further with this and connecting the back part for example to the mask….. just thinking out loud 😀


So next time you shoot, make sure to listen to your team and value their input, they REALLY can make you better, often people compliment me with the diversity of my portfolio, and I always honestly tell them that it’s because I always work with very creative people and value their input, this way you can always improve and change, even if you work with a steady team there is always a new element like an internet, an attendee or even just a simple visitor that can add to your shots..


Good luck.


If you like tips like this and want even more check out my book “Mastering the model shoot” or get one of our instructional videos from this site.

MTM goes New York

On February 13th I’ll be teaching a full day (small group) workshop in New York… the city that never sleeps.
And trust me… after this workshop you won’t sleep for a week…. it’s jam-packed with information on shooting models, understanding light, mixing light sources, shooting with advanced light setups and the bare basics (just natural light) and much more. The unique approach of the workshops is always that we start with a Q&A in which the participants can ask whatever they want and part of the questions will be answered right away and the other part will be incorporated into the workshop it self, this way the attendees always learn exactly what they want.


For this workshop we have some amazing dresses from our friend Lindsay Adler (they are stunning) plus the workshop itself is taught in a great studio with both day light and studio options so it’s possible to cover literally every aspect you can encounter, meaning you will get a very complete overview of techniques for both natural light and strobes (and mixing them of course).


During the workshop you will also get the chance to shoot with the brand new 100MP Phase One digital camera/back so you will be going home not only with stunning images… but also some very high resolution ones 😀


As an added bonus you will also see the whole retouch process from selection to finish with many tips in Photoshop and Capture One.
By the way… ALL participants will receive a free copy of Capture One 9 (valued at 299.00)


Topics will be :
Understanding/Manipulating/metering light
Using the light meter in incident and reflective mode
Mixing light sources
Coaching the model and working to a great shoot
Adding motion for that WOW effect
Advanced techniques for location shoots
Maximizing the location
The right gear
The complete workflow for model photography
Color managed workflows
Using Capture one during and after the shoot
Retouching and selecting images
And MUCH MUCH more…….

Retouching topics will be :
Skin retouching without spending hours behind the computer
Adding an unique look within seconds without plugins
Tinting your images 
Body shaping within Photoshop
Using BW convertors for stunning color enhancements
Adding skin detail back if necessary (this can save your shot)
Manipulating light
Adding atmospherical lighting to a shot
Enhancing the look of the scene
And MUCH MUCH more…..



Sounds good?
I think so, so head on over to and read more about this workshop and register.
CU in the big Apple 😀



Ultimate Weekend October 2/3

It’s almost that time again……
On October 2/3 I teach another one of the Ultimate weekend workshops from our studio in Emmeloord. As you know I love teaching and these weekends are very very dear to me. In a normal workshop you work with a group for the better part of a day, but at the moment you start to know each other well it’s almost over.



In the Ultimate weekend we work from 10:00-21:00 on day 1 and from 10:00-16:00 (17:00) on day 2, including an awesome diner on day 1 with the whole team, this is a lot of time to get to know each other and really get those questions and discussions rolling and heating up, it’s for me the best teaching experience period.



We always keep these groups very small so we have a great interaction between the group and there is always an assistant close to you to help you out with questions when I’m talking to someone else for example. So it’s an almost non-stop experience.



Now I can type a lot here, but why not visit : for an overview of what we do during the weekend and of course you can book also, at the moment we only have 3 seats left, so don’t wait too long. BTW if you already did an ultimate weekend we now have a special discount of 150.00 if you book again, please contact us directly for this offer.



Some of the shots we took during past ultimate weekends.

Nadine May 22 2015   0262

Nadine en Jonathan May 22 2015   0142

Esther May 16 2015 29780




Results day 2 of the Ultimate workshop weekend

Today some of the results from day 2 of the Ultimate workshop weekend.


Model : Manon

Manon May 23 2015_-12

Manon May 23 2015_-16

Manon May 23 2015_-20

Manon May 23 2015_-22

Manon May 23 2015_-24

Manon May 23 2015_-25

Manon May 23 2015_-29

Manon May 23 2015_-49

Manon May 23 2015_-58

Manon May 23 2015_-69

Manon May 23 2015_-94

Manon May 23 2015_-98