Vienna Prater – day1

After yesterdays post I did not want to overload you with more images so I decided to keep the “Prater” images for today.
Prater is a large park in Vienna with a lot of different activities, one of the most famous ones is without a doubt the “carnaval”, I loved just walking around there, it’s a bit different than what I expected, a lot or the attractions are actually in “decay” especially on the outer edges of Prater. But for photography that’s interesting and I got a lot of great backgrounds for some compositing projects in the future 😀

The weather was not 100% perfect but at least we did not have any real rain (which was forcasted).

Yeah I know, it’s been done so many times… but I still love it 😀


So that’s it for today.
Tomorrow another blog post, about some compositing we did last week.


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  1. Leo Koach
    Leo Koach says:

    Beautiful photos… beautiful HDR work… congrats. Can’t wait to watch your second broadcast Frank 🙂

  2. cor
    cor says:

    Nice shots. This is not the Prater the ‘Wiener’ love. You have to go out of the carnival and walk around the beautiful park to really see the Prater.

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