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Some fun in Amsterdam

It’s always fun to walk around in Amsterdam especially when accompanied by a photography buddy (thanks Trevor)
This time there wasn’t really a lot going on, but still managed to get some shots.
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The subway in New York

During my travels one of the things I really like is to do some street photography.
Recently we visited New York and because we only had 2 days of free time I did not have a lot time to do street photography, and when I’m “stressed” for time I always try to squeeze at least some subway shots in. The great thing I like about the subway is that there is always something to shoot 🙂


Here are some of my results.

Augustus 26 2014 NYC  (96 of 130)_DxO

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Low angle with wide angles

One of the things I sometimes love to do during street photography is to go really low close to a crossing and shoot up.
Sometimes people will look a bit funny but one of the advantages of doing it in New York is that…. well nobody really cares.
The results however can be pretty interesting.

Augustus 28 2014 NY  (254 of 298)_DxO

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Using backlights in street photography

One of the things a lot of people ask me is “how to get instant WOW effects in street photography”
My first answer is always “there is no this will always work solution”.


You will always have to look for the story, the setting etc. but one of the things that will indeed come close to a certain WOW effect (at least for me) is using backlights. During our trip in New York I shot these shots just before sunset.

Augustus 27 2014 NY  (98 of 222)_DxO

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