Nadine in the woods

Locations are important for a successful photoshoot of course, but these locations shouldn’t always be castles, abbeys or stunning xxxxxx, they can be pretty simple but thanks to the lighting, storytelling, styling etc. come to life.


During our trip through Scotland we found several areas of woods where it looked a bomb went off and left the area in a post apocolyptic state, most of these sites were however not easily accessible… until we found this one. We did have to climb a bit but I think the end results are worth the climb.


Lighting : Elinchrom Quadra ELB400
Camera : Sony A7r with 24-70


So the next time you look for a location, don’t just think about the “beauty” of the location, but think about the story, the styling etc. and you will find out that even the most simple locations can look great.

nadine 48 - July 14 2015

nadine 61 - July 14 2015

nadine 93 - July 14 2015