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The promised post about Prater will be tomorrow because today I have another very special blogpost.
Tonight I visited “the Impossible Project” store in Vienna.
For people that do not know what the impossible project is, a very short piece of history, when Polaroid stopped production a lot of people were “devastated” who did not grew up with the instant film from Polaroid, I know I loved them, the magic of seeing an image develop in front of your eyes is still “a kind of magic”. And let’s be honest the look is still unique, and ok filters like Alien Skin Exposure (4) rock and give you an amazing look (very similar) but nothing beats shooting a real Polaroid.
Well to make a long story short, according to most it would be an impossible project to resurrect Polaroid, but a group of very enthusiastic employees, investors and “fans” did it, they bought everything they could in Enschede (yes in the Netherlands) and starting the production of an unique instant film called “the impossible project”.


Now in 2012 there is not only film available but they also have several kinds of film, and for me (a vintage look fan) this is of course amazing, but I have to admit that I never tried the “impossible” film, I still had some polaroid left and I only shoot it on special occasions, but when we looked for a restaurant the day before yesterday we saw a store from the impossible project, however they were closed…. so of course I had to go back. And last night I did.

Now normally I would not dedicate a blogpost to a shop visit but this time I do for two very important reasons.


The impossible project just simply rocks and they deserve all the attention they can get.
I really (REALLY) advise any one who loves photography to grab an old polaroid from the attic, order some film from them and start playing with it, I’m sure you will fall in love with it, and when you life in Vienna visit them and rent a camera and buy some film (they rent the cameras also).


Sarah (the shop owner) did a small impromptu interview with me my videopodcast “The DOORhof is always open”. We did not bring any of our normal gear so Annewiek filmed the piece with our consumer Canon camera and the build in mic, but the interview is I think fun to watch, it’s just a few minutes me and Sarah chatting about the impossible project. I will edit the video when I’m back home and release it as soon as possible.

Now I hear you wonder “Did you buy something?”
Yes I did, I bought some films for the RZ67ProII so I will be planning something special, I think I will have to look nicely to Nadine and see what she can come up with 🙂 because these images must rock of course.

Of course I left something in their guestbook.

Whenever you’re in the area of Vienna make sure to visit the store, it breathes “fun” and “art” so for me it’s a must visit.
You can find them at :
Impossible Project Space Vienna
Kaiserstrasse 74, 1070 Wien
T +43 1 5223213
Or mail them at : [email protected]
Or visit them at :

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  1. Paul Howard
    Paul Howard says:

    I well remember shooting with my mother-in-law’s SX70, it was like a Transformer! So cool! Come to think of it, I may have an old 600 lying about here somewhere….hmmmm. Great writeup Frank, thanks!

  2. Hannes Hagenauer
    Hannes Hagenauer says:

    hey cool frank, glad you like it! too bad i didn’ work that day cause the office around the corner. admire your work!

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