Vienna Day 1

At the moment I’m in Vienna Austria.
From Wednesday till Friday I will be teaching 3 full day (intense) workshops in some awesome locations, like castles, so this promises to be amazing. There are still 1-2 seats available I heard, so surf to and book your seats.

But the first 2 days we’re in Vienna and enjoying the city.
Well enjoying…. 🙂
This morning our alarm went off at 3:00AM and our journey began, luckily it’s just a small hop (90 minutes flight), so we arrived in Vienna around 9:00AM and still had the whole day ahead of us.

Being bright and early at Schiphol does have it’s advantages 😀


Shot from the plane (duh) love the Fuji X10 for this kind of work.

When you visit the blog regularly you will have noticed that I’m really growing fond of “Street Photography”, I’m still very early in my learning curve but I hope you still enjoy the images I share in these blog posts.


What I always love to do is include people in my shots. I started out with only scenes but more and more I’m drawn to people. Sometimes it’s scary because some people don’t like to be photographed, but a big smile (and sometimes running) really helps. Especially scenes like the Metro (and around the Metro) I really love for shooting.

The next shot by the way is a handheld 7 exposure image, HDR-ed by NIK HDR-EfexPro2.

Oh and did I ever tell you I love stairs ?


But we also were in other locations than the Metro of course 🙂 so here are some more random shots.

Don’t ask

Hope you like the streetphotography posts as much as I like making the images.
Sorry for the overload on images, but it’s hard to make a selection and let’s be honest sharing them is free 😀


Tomorrow some images from Prater in Vienna.


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  1. Stefan
    Stefan says:

    Hi Frank,
    Vienna is a real interesting city and has a lot of street potential to make images, so please go on because I love your pictures and Vienna so that’s double fun !!
    Good luck and enjoy the workshop.
    Gr Stefan

  2. Richard Bremer
    Richard Bremer says:

    Nice photos! I especially like the sense of depth with the different stairs and the plane with the sun in its tail. Makes me hungry for more great images!

  3. terry
    terry says:

    the first image strikes the airport, looking into the sun and yet reading the logo on the truck, did you use filters? there is total clarity from front to back….

  4. terry
    terry says:

    the cops and the guy in the next to last image..when do you use infrared filters before you go to b&w?

  5. cor
    cor says:

    Hi Frank, welcome to Vienna. Sorry I did not hear sooner about you coming. I would have joined the seminar. A MUST see for you is the Naschmarkt (U4 station Kettenbrückegasse)
    Have fun in our beautiful city

  6. Michael Bader
    Michael Bader says:

    Hi Frank! Very cool to see your Pictures of locations I walked by like a 1000 times – subway not the peep show 😉
    Welcome to Vienna

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