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Vienna Day 2

Today some images from our second day in Vienna.
At the moment we moved from Vienna to our location to teach the workshops, and you probably already saw some images coming by via Google+ and twitter. But today I share some streetstyle images I did during our stay on day 2 in Vienna.

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Vienna Prater – day1

After yesterdays post I did not want to overload you with more images so I decided to keep the “Prater” images for today.
Prater is a large park in Vienna with a lot of different activities, one of the most famous ones is without a doubt the “carnaval”, I loved just walking around there, it’s a bit different than what I expected, a lot or the attractions are actually in “decay” especially on the outer edges of Prater. But for photography that’s interesting and I got a lot of great backgrounds for some compositing projects in the future 😀

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Vienna Day 1

At the moment I’m in Vienna Austria.
From Wednesday till Friday I will be teaching 3 full day (intense) workshops in some awesome locations, like castles, so this promises to be amazing. There are still 1-2 seats available I heard, so surf to http://www.photoconvention.eu and book your seats.

But the first 2 days we’re in Vienna and enjoying the city.
Well enjoying…. 🙂
This morning our alarm went off at 3:00AM and our journey began, luckily it’s just a small hop (90 minutes flight), so we arrived in Vienna around 9:00AM and still had the whole day ahead of us.

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At the fair

Getting more and more fun in street photography.
Very difficult area of photography but so much fun, and for me it’s a great “escape” from the more “styled” fashion and beauty shots. You never know what’s gonna happen, if you have to run from a guy (or girl) or if you take a great portrait of someone. These images are also shown in our videopodcast but now you can see them in the blog.

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