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Rock that low and wide angle

One of the best tips I can give people is to shoot from different angles than eye level.
Eye level is how we see the world but it doesn’t always give the best look for your images.


According to some publications our eyes are app 50mm, but I have to be honest I never really believed that, for example I find myself zooming almost constantly and going from wide to tele, and a lot of people I talk to have the same thing, although some claim to only see wide, and some claim to only see zoomed in…. what are you seeing?


When traveling it’s always cool to shoot some images from a real low angle, and combine this with a nice wide angle and you get some really interesting images, do be aware that a wide angle can really distort the scene, so it’s important to “play with this” and incorporate it into your shot. It will also help to include some objects in the front of the composition that can act as leading lines or just make the image look more interesting. And sometimes your lucky to find a “Subway” cup in a subway station 😀
Today some examples of this technique, shot in different locations during our UK trip.

UK - 78 - January 23, 2016-Edit

untitled - 251 - January 24, 2016-Edit

untitled - 316 - January 24, 2016-Edit

untitled - 329 - January 24, 2016-Edit

untitled - 395 - January 24, 2016-Edit

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“Beyond snaps : street and travel photography tips” a new instructional video

We just released a brand-new instructional video called “Beyond snaps : Street and travel photography tips”


We all love photography right?
So when we travel the camera always travels with us, however how often did it happen to you that when you looked at the images at home you thought “Now where is that killer shot?, I know I made it”. Well we all know that feeling, often while traveling there isn’t time to wait for the perfect light, get the perfect position to shoot from etc. there is always something going on that will prevent us from taking the perfect shot.


In this video you travel with us through the beautiful Sweden and I’ll give you a lot of tips about how you can go “Beyond snaps”.
The video contains many topics like :
using GPS for more adventure, internet on the road, backups, power while traveling, gear advise, using lenses for special effects, finding the interesting angle, how to approach people, tripod tips, shooting a sunset very easily (or faking one), making roads interesting and much much more…


The video is jam-packed with information and will make sure that your next trip doesn’t end in “Now where are the good shots”, but will end in “LOOK at this shot”.


Video run time : well over 95 minutes
Quality : Shot on 4K, video is 1080P for download
File size : App 7 GB

You can now order the video straight from our video page or via :

Beyond snaps

Don’t take it too easy

We all know that photography is taking pictures…. However is it just that or is there more….
Well when a blogpost starts like this there is of course more, right…
During our travels we often also visit landmarks and to be honest I always find these challenging, not to shoot them but to create something that hasn’t been done before, because let’s be honest everything has been done once or twice at least. As soon you realize that one burden is actually lifted… pff we don’t have to be unique…. but at least lets try to do it slightly different.


The easiest shot is always from the what I call “Kodak point”, you can find these at some sights and the only thing you have to do is point your camera in the “general” direction and shoot, and in all honestly you’ll end up with a good shot of the landmark…. but if you try to move around, zoom in, shoot from a very low or very high angle, shoot it with an extreme wide-angle or even fish eye you will actually get something totally different. You could even use your “selfie-stick” to get some stunning shots that you would normally not get (so we finally found a good use for that stick).
In the end it’s all about one thing…
As a photographer it’s not enough to just see the landmark, treat like you would treat a model…. and ok it doesn’t listen and you can’t pose it, but you can still wait for the light, change your own position, zoom in to show details or leading lines, add something in the frame to make it funny, or weird… when you think about it the options are limitless.


Even from the “kodak point”.

UK  - 319 - January 25, 2016-Edit

A quick tip about light and the car

You must have at one point heard the expression :
“always carry your camera because it’s so fricking difficult to make a picture when you don’t have it”
And this is 100% true.
Even when we travel I always have my camera close by and I make no joke when I tell you that some of the most interesting shots were actually taken through the windshield of our car, it’s a totally different view than you’re actually used to, and sometimes the cars windshield actually helps in the lighting by adding some “funky” stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of these images end up in the pile “I love them but nobody is allowed to see them” but sometimes I really like a shot that much that it ends up in my portfolio.


While driving back to the Mandalay in Vegas we had to stop for a traffic light and the sun just hit the hotel (which has a very distinct golden hue) and the women wanting to cross the street. Now for some this might just be a picture/snap shot but I just loved the overal look and golden glow plus the added backlighting. If you don’t like the shot, no problem but remember that there can always be something that’s fricking awesome and you better have your camera handy……because otherwise you miss the shot.


Now how do you set the camera?
When driving I often have it set on auto ISO with a minimum shutter speed of 1/500 this way I know that if the car is moving you can always get something interesting…now do remember I don’t tell you to shoot while driving (blink blink) but it could happen, of course this is stupid and dumb…. but then again if you’re careful enough you could take some cool shots…. but just to make sure that you understand, this is DANGEROUS not only for yourself but most of all for the people around you so when doing this make 100% sure you do it safe, NO picture is worth hurting yourself or others.

Nevada  (484 of 513) August 14 2015