“Beyond snaps : street and travel photography tips” a new instructional video

We just released a brand-new instructional video called “Beyond snaps : Street and travel photography tips”


We all love photography right?
So when we travel the camera always travels with us, however how often did it happen to you that when you looked at the images at home you thought “Now where is that killer shot?, I know I made it”. Well we all know that feeling, often while traveling there isn’t time to wait for the perfect light, get the perfect position to shoot from etc. there is always something going on that will prevent us from taking the perfect shot.


In this video you travel with us through the beautiful Sweden and I’ll give you a lot of tips about how you can go “Beyond snaps”.
The video contains many topics like :
using GPS for more adventure, internet on the road, backups, power while traveling, gear advise, using lenses for special effects, finding the interesting angle, how to approach people, tripod tips, shooting a sunset very easily (or faking one), making roads interesting and much much more…


The video is jam-packed with information and will make sure that your next trip doesn’t end in “Now where are the good shots”, but will end in “LOOK at this shot”.


Video run time : well over 95 minutes
Quality : Shot on 4K, video is 1080P for download
File size : App 7 GB

You can now order the video straight from our video page or via :

Beyond snaps