Wibi Soerjadi live at the “Concert gebouw”

I’ve been shooting most of the material for Wibi for quite some years now, but one of the highlights is always the Christmas concerts in Amsterdam.
The “Concert gebouw” is not only an awesome ambience but it also has some amazing challenges due to the lighting which is very very dim, so it’s always a good time to test your camera to the limits.


I shot these images with the Sony A99 and all images went through DxO Optics 10 for Prime noise killing, and I have to say…. wow this combination rocks.
Normally I don’t shoot at the top ISO of the A99 so I only tested DxO Optics 10 in settings up to 6400, but it can handle the higher ISOs very well I can now confirm.


Now one of the things when taking photos is location and angle, and with most live concerts it’s not allowed to shoot the whole concert or even change your location. One of the privileges I have during Wibi’s concerts is that I can walk around and pretty much shoot from every location or angle I want, although I don’t want to disturb the audience and Wibi of course. This means that (as you can see) I also sometimes end up right on the stage next to Wibi, which is a very cool experience so close to the performing artist, but also terrifying because I’m in the spotlights with him, now you know why I always wear black 😀


Today some of the images I shot during the concert.
If you’re ever in the opportunity to visit one of his concerts make sure you do.
More information on Wibi see http://www.soerjadi.com

Wibi Soerjadi Concert Gebouw  390 - December 26 2014_DxO_DxOFP

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