Nadine during small flash workshop

Today some images from the small flash workshop I taught last Saturday with Nadine.
Small flash is always fun to teach because I love the reactions I get from the attendees if they see what you can do with only one strobe and a flash bender.
In the workshop I normally use a maximum of 2 strobes to make sure everyone can do exactly the same thing when they are back home, so all images you see here are shot with only 1 or 2 strobes.


It was the first time I actually used the new Phottix Mitros+ strobes, and I have to say they are pretty awesome, so if you’re looking for a new small flash system make sure to check them out.


If you also want to visit one of the workshops and learn how to shoot images like this…… make sure to visit for the Dutch workshops and look at the top of your screen for the special workshops I’m teaching abroad on this blog.


Nadine  82 - January 03 2015

Nadine  20 - January 03 2015

Nadine  35 - January 03 2015

Nadine  45 - January 03 2015

Nadine  48 - January 03 2015

Nadine  62 - January 03 2015 1

Nadine  77 - January 03 2015

Nadine  129 - January 03 2015

Nadine  137 - January 03 2015