Cover your eyes…..

Eyes are the mirror to the soul, we all have heard that one.
Sometimes however it can be very interesting to start playing with the concept “should I include the eyes in the shot YES/NO”


Today two images from the same session where I experiment with eyes covered and not.
For me personal I have no favorite but as you can see the mood from the 2 images is totally different, try to experiment in your own sessions with this concept and remember that, although we all love to see the eyes in a shot, it’s sometimes also very powerful to intentional hide them.

Roosmarijn Mei 22 2014  (20 of 155)-Edit

Roosmarijn Mei 22 2014  (35 of 155)-Edit

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  1. EeroM
    EeroM says:

    I have always loved eye contact in my glamor images, however this shows that it can be just as much or even more glamorous with eyes covered. Mind you in the 2nd image she has her eyes closed so no eye contact.

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